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Love to Hate ‘Em: Marcel from Top Chef All Stars 

Photo Credit: Bravo

Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying this season of Top Chef? Not only was Jamie finally sent home (is it kosher to call a woman a douche?) but simmering rivalries are coming to a boil. After season 7 of Top Chef, I thought Angelo was in strong contention to be the villain of the season but Marcel’s got him beat on every level.

Love to hate him or just plain hate him, Marcel makes for some good television. As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t come to the Top Chef table until sometime after its second season. I know a little about Marcel because of the way people (still) talk about him and I’m sure I’ve seen highlight reels where he’s being a jerk. That guy has a tremendous ego. It seems like his cooking usually backs him up but lately his propensity to too many elements on his plate is taking away from his talents. Maybe he’s a bit like Kenny from the last season. He needs to learn how to edit and present a simple, refined dish.

This week when Marcel called Dale out, I really thought it would come to blows. The fact that it didn’t just reinforces how much Dale has mellowed in the last few years. I can remember – from his season and when he was a sous chef on Top Chef Masters – Dale’s fiery temper and bad attitude. But he seems to have finally grown up. Marcel, not so much. I mean, if Tre calls you an asshole you’re probably an asshole. Marcel talks an insanely big game and even when he underdelivers, he sticks to his guns. He’d better make sure he doesn’t turn into the next Jen. She defended her dish right out the door. I was sorry to see her go but I’m sure when his time comes, I’ll applaud it. For now though, I’m enjoying my love affair of hate. I’m sure it’ll turn eventually. With him it always does.

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