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V “Serpent’s Tooth” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Better, brisker outing this week. In “Serpent’s Tooth,” we get a lot of blather from Ryan, Anna, Jack, and Diana about the soul—what it is, what it means, where it resides, and how to embrace it or defeat it. It seems Diana was banished (15 years ago!) because she became too human, and Anna takes that as a cue to put skin on the baby lizard (after vomiting a rat back into her for her supper—shudder) as a ploy to lure Ryan back to the dark side. Instead, after an encounter with Val’s parents at her funeral,  he goes running to Jack and Jack tries to tell him the fact that he’s angsty means he does have a soul. Jack has drama of his own when one his parishioners confesses and then promptly blows himself up outside a V healing center. Just moments prior, Chad was doing a stand up feed and chatting with a pregnant woman (blink and you’ll miss her Keegan Connor Tracy) who’s decided to let the Vs deliver her child.

Separately, Erica has been poring over her pregnancy records and when Tyler cuts himself shaving, she takes the bloody tissue swab to Sidney to analyze, and that’s all he gets this week (booo). She and Hobbes investigate the bomber and that leads them to a second would-be bomber and the realization that Chad is a 5C target, and then a warehouse on the water. Erica’s partner, Malik, gets overzealous at Marcus’ behest and the jig’s up pretty quickly that she’s a V. Erica and Malik narrowly miss each other at the warehouse, and Hobbes hits her hard enough that she loses one of her lizard fangs. When the ladies are paired up later, neither can resist showing her hand so they fight in the car, which ends up ass over elbow on the side of the road.

On the ship, after Anna questions and then teases Diana about her humanity, she resumes interrogating Joshua, who still doesn’t know anything or is adeptly masking that he does. And Anna plagues the baby with some sort of phantom ailment that requires Bliss to calm it, shows her to Ryan in a holograph, and he tells her to shove it. We don’t have any clear bead on Tyler yet other than that Lisa (who now knows about the phosphorous issue thanks to Erica) is apparently primed and ready to carry a baby, even though Diana warns Anna that that experiment will fail. She also tips that they found Earth because of Hiroshima—in a flare that cascaded over the galaxy. They thought Earth would be a haven but it wasn’t.

And that’s pretty much what we’re left with at the end of the hour. At least we had more Jack!

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