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Mid-Season TV Crushes: BBC’s Law & Order UK 

Photo Credit: BBC

Just like any self-respecting tvholic should, I get excited about mid-season television. I like that there’s a reserve of (potentially) good to great shows the networks – for whatever reason – have decided to launch outside the (over)hyped fall season. I consult lists, watch previews, and research casts. I’m a total nerd. But I wouldn’t have heard about Law & Order: UK otherwise. I do, however, question my research skills on this particular show. Where was I when it originally launched? BBC America is now back on my radar.

Jamie Bamber, Detective Superintendent Matt Devlin

Photo Credit: BBC

I am and always will be a die-hard Battlestar Galactica fan. It is a tragedy to me (and many, many others) that neither the show nor the cast ever got nominated for an Emmy. I need a moment….

I was happy to see Jamie Bamber do some guest spots on shows like Cold Case, The Ghost Whisperer, and Dollhouse but I prefer to see him as a series regular. I know I’m late to the party because I had no idea Law & Order: UK was just about to start it’s third season. Better late then never, I guess. I’m glad Dick Wolf conquered television across the pond (or has at least made his debut). In Law & Order:UK, Jamie Bamber’s Matt Devlin looks up to his veteran partner as a kind of father figure. He loves and believes in the law but tends to see the world only in black and white. I, for one, can’t wait to catch up on the show and I’m really excited Jamie Bamber gets to use his native accent here. Sexy.

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