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Character Development: Will Crosses the Line, The Good Wife “Breaking Up” 

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I love Josh Charles. I’ve been a fan since Sports Night (thank you for also introducing me to Peter Krause) and I’ve been waiting for him to get another great gig. The Good Wife is it. His relationship with Alicia has always been interesting. As a mentor, protector, and/or potential lover we get to see the many sides of Will Gardner and they’re all fascinating. But this week he does something I just can’t agree with.

I thought the main event in “Breaking Up” would be Diane’s imminent defection to start her own firm but this week’s case turns out to be quite interesting (as they almost always are). The son of one of Lockhart, Gardner and Bond’s biggest clients has gotten himself and his girlfriend into some trouble. At first Alicia thinks it’s going to play out as a drug charge but Carey shows his hand rather quickly and threatens to charge both Jonathan and Alexis with murder. Whoever turns on the other one first will get the better deal. The only problem is they’re in love and protecting each other. Alicia has to call for backup.

Will has been a great mentor to Alicia up until this point. I feel like she’s learned a lot about the law – and herself – from him but before tonight I never really thought he crossed a line. Well, the flirting/kissing crossed a line but I’ll allow that. I mean, that’s just good drama. But as far as discovering the gun goes, I didn’t really have a problem with the way will handled it. He didn’t compromise the evidence. Did he follow the legal letter of the law? Absolutely not but he didn’t break the law either. It’s his attempt to break Jonathan and Alexis up that really upset me and it upset Alicia too. Maybe she didn’t think Will had something like that in him. Maybe Alicia’s seeing too close of a parallel to their situation in this situation. Whatever it is, Alicia might now be seriously considering Diane’s job offer. Maybe it would be healthy for Alicia to get away from Will, to spend some time not wondering about what ifs. I am glad Alicia got to see this side of him. She needs to know what she’s in for if anything else does happen between them. Will doesn’t need to be a saint – in fact, that would make him a whole lot less interesting – but he needs to be a better person than this.

On a related note, are you as tired of Tammy as I am? Their whole back-and-forth banter about Derek Rose was tedious. I do like that Will’s not emotionally or physically available to Alicia right now but I just don’t love this relationship. Can Tammy break up with Will already?

On a completely unrelated note, wasn’t it nice to see LeeLee Sobieski? I liked her here and in Drop Dead Diva last year. The small screen agrees with her.

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