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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Lines from Castle “Poof, You’re Dead” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Michael Desmond

Episode: “Poof, You’re Dead”

Writer: Terri Edda Miller

Esposito: “See you at the scene, sexy.”

Lanie: “Javier Esposito. When we get to this crime scene, do not wink at me, do not smile at me and don’t even look at me with those puppy dog eyes.”

Castle: “You know any good tricks?”
Beckett: “I do this one thing with ice cubes.”

 Castle: “You had your hand in my pocket and I didn’t even feel it? Do it again.”
Beckett: “Alakazam, jackass!”

Strange: “Who the hell let them in here?”
Beckett: (holds up badge) “All-Access pass!”

Beckett: “Zalman?”
Drake: “Who the hell are you?”
Castle: “Best. Trick. Ever!”

Castle: “Are you kidding me? He’s an identical twin who wears glasses. That’s the worst disguise since Clark Kent and you believe him?”

Ryan: “Well, whoever he killed went out with a bang.”

Castle: “It’s like we could be twins. Connection!”

Castle: “Dummy. Not you. In the cockpit.”

Esposito: “You should have stayed dead, bro!”

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