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Character Development: Castle & Gina Break Up, Castle “Poof, Youre Dead” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Jordin Althaus

Is it just me or did the Caskett chemistry in “Poof, You’re Dead” make you want these two together sooner rather than later? Good thing Castle unloaded some baggage in the form of his relationship with his girlfriend and ex-wife, Gina. I don’t mean to sound cold. I actually didn’t mind Gina at all. It’s just I could tell she and Rick didn’t quite connect. I mean, last week, we were wondering if the two were even still dating. This week, Castle was either arguing on the phone with her or avoiding her phone call. Notice how I keep saying “phone.” There’s not much talking in person going on between them. 

At the same time, the case of the murdered magician brought out the best in Castle and Beckett. Who knew the two were both into magic when they were kids? Just as he was noticing the disconnect in his relationship with Gina, Castle seemed to be relishing the connection he had going on with Beckett. I loved his conversation with Martha after he made his Gina-ringing phone disappear:

Castle: “Everything is just fine. It’s ordinary. The problem is…I don’t want ordinary. I want…”
Martha: “Magic!”
Castle: “The problem is, we just aren’t in love. Neither of us wants to admit…”

Castle and Beckett are magic together. Even when they’re just being friends. The end of the episode was sweet. Beckett heard Castle breaking up with Gina (on the phone). Just when Castle thought his partner was headed out on a date with her boyfriend, Doctor Motorcycle Boy, she invited him for dinner at the Comfort Food Truck. It’s just what he needed. Plus, it resulted in such a good moment. After they got in the elevator, Beckett performed one last magic trick and whipped out a fake bouquet of flowers and gave it to him. She didn’t ask what was going on between him and Gina, and he appreciated that. She was just there for him. They’re so adorable.

We got this seriously awesome moment because Castle finally broke up with Gina. I wonder how things are going to proceed next. Will Kate’s romance with Motorcycle Boy fizzle as well? There’s a good chance since we never get to see him. (I hope the show rectifies that, by the way. Paging Victor Webster, stat!) Or will they just put a simmer on all things Caskett for the near future? Inquiring minds want to know.

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