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Random Notes: Pretty Little Liars “Moments Later” 

Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Andrew Eccles
  • Monday = Melrose Place lives again. First Laura Leighton on PLL then Thomas Calabro on Castle.
  • Of course Toby wasn’t A. Duh.
  • Whoa, Spencer and her sister were actually acting like sisters. Too many months have passed since mid-season finale. Did they make up?
  • Ryan Merriman is all grown up and playing a creepy role. I remember him from Disney flicks. Didn’t one have to do with a leprechaun?
  • Hannah looks perfectly made up in the hospital bed.
  • I think the teacher is adorable.
  • Poor Hanna’s mom getting dismissed like that by her daughter. These girls have so many secrets.
  • The girls guess Noel Kahn (as in Wrath of Khan) is A. I don’t remember who Noel is. How bad is that of me?
  • Secrets are being divulged. After Hanna lets the girls know she thinks Noel is the mysterious A, she also reveals that she saw him writing a message on a car. Aria has no choice but to tell her friends she was in the car when that message was written. And Mr. Fitz, their teacher, was in there with her. I guess Aria suffered from a brief bout of honesty.
  • Oh Noel’s the one that Aria was dating when she couldn’t be with Ezra. Get it.
  • Noel isn’t necessarily A now is he?
  • Noel shows up at Hanna’s room.
  • Noel’s kind of cute. Just saying…
  • He lied about where he was the night before — shocker on this show.
  • Emily’s parents are played by Nia Peeples who once starred on Young and the Restless and a guy who also once starred on Young and the Restless. Can’t remember his name.
  • Oh no. It’s Mona. Why does Hanna want to be friends with this girl? What would happen if she turned out to be A? I would love that. She acts all shallow and idiotic but really she’s a calculated bad girl. Well, an even more calculated bad girl than she is now…
  • Hanna, you’re mom is Sydney Andrews. Of course she’s a thief.
  • Noel knows the Student-Professor secret. I’m digging Noel.
  • Emily just can’t let go of Toby. Toby’s creepy sister Jenna says he doesn’t want to see her. It always seems like she can see everything. This story seems strangely Flowers in the Attic-esque.
  • Hanna has a dream about Ali. Or a vision or something. She said that that bitch A is getting on her nerves. WTF?
  • These girls lie like it’s nothing. Aria didn’t tell Ezra about Noel spotting them in the car.
  • Hanna gave Lucas the “just friends” talk. Poor Lucas.
  • Emily just came out to her dad. What. What? Was she trying to distract him from the entire Toby situation? If she was, that would do it. Still, not what I’d call a powerful out of the closet moment.
  • Spencer’s sister got married to creepy Ryan Merriman character? Didn’t he hit on Spencer at one point in time? Because every guy who dates Nanny Carrie from One Tree Hill automatically is into her younger (underage) sister. Can’t quite figure that one out yet.
  • “A” left a message on Hanna’s cast. Must have happened while she was sleeping. Love how A is everywhere.
  • Where was 30-year-old Maya? Emily talked to her on the phone but we didn’t get to see if Bianca Lawson was going to be sportin’ a new hair ‘do or don’t. Where were Chad Lowe and Holly Marie Combs?

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