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Moment of Goodness

Castle’s Moments of Goodness “Nikki Heat” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal

What a great episode. I’m going to talk about more than one moment from Castle but I have a feeling you’ll forgive me for that. Let’s talk Castle, Beckett, and Nikki Heat.

It’s always fun to see Castle doubt himself and/or his skills. In this case, Laura Prepon’s Natalie Rhodes is pretty underwhelmed the first time she meets him. First of all, she barely even recognizes his name and secondly, she hasn’t even read Heat Wave. Talk about insulting! But things get more interesting as Natalie works harder and harder to understand Beckett and even goes through a physical transformation to become Nikki Heat.

And that brings us to Beckett. At first she’s more than amused by Natalie’s treatment of Castle. She loves to see him knocked down a peg or two and it’s always fun to watch her rub it in. But when Natalie starts speaking like (and for) her, Beckett starts to get creeped out. It’s all feeling very single white female and we all know how that goes. But as Beckett gets more uncomfortable Castle gets more turned on. But even though Natalie wants to sleep with Castle as part of her research, Castle isn’t up for it. Literally.

I’m sure Beckett is ecstatic Castle doesn’t ultimately go for Natalie. Although she has a boyfriend, I do sense some jealousy. Beckett was awfully quick – and very adamant – about assuring Natalie that Castle is straight. And she seemed pleasantly surprised that Castle didn’t take Natalie up on her “research” offer. And the moment where Castle accidentally proposes to Beckett? Goodness.

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