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Moment of Goodness

The Closer’s Moment of Goodness “In Custody” 

Photo Credit: TNT

Sometimes I forget how good this show can be and how much Kyra Sedgwick deserved that Emmy. I’m trying to catch up on almost the entire season of The Closer in time for tonight’s season finale. Wish me luck.

The moment I want to talk about from this episode comes at the end. It’s a case of an unfit mother, a dying father, and desperate grandparents. And protecting a little girl who’s about to come into a lot of money. What I have to respect about Brenda is that she’s always after the truth. Even though this case has been solved twice, she still doesn’t know what really happened. Even though almost everyone in Major Crimes wants her to stop investigating, we all know that Brenda can’t do that. Even if she’s going to tear a family apart, she has to get at the truth. And while part of me wants both of those grandparents to raise Cody, the other part of me wants Brenda to discover what really happened. And she does. There’s no gray area in murder, even if you think you’re doing it for the right reasons. And I have to admire Brenda for staying true to herself, no matter what anyone else thinks. That’s why I love this show.

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