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TV Goodness All-Star 2010: Jensen Ackles, Supernatural 

Photo Credit: Jordan Nuttal/The CW

Contemplating my All-Stars for 2010, one of my first thoughts was Jensen Ackles of Supernatural. Say what you want about Season 5, and I’m aware of the mixed reviews for the ending of the season, Ackles’ performances were rock solid. I’ve enjoyed him in other roles but as Dean Winchester, he has totally captivated me. From the very beginning, Dean has always made family his number one priority. This has been a continuous thorn for Dean to bear in various ways throughout the years. Jensen’s portrayal of Dean’s journey has been amusing as well as heart-wrenching. He has displayed the struggles that Dean has had to endure so well. During Season 5, he struggled with wanting to prevent Sam from becoming Lucifer only to have to sit on the sidelines watching it all unfold. Ultimately, it was his love of his brother that helped stop the Apocalypse. Season 6 saw Dean attempting to live a “normal” life. What a tour-de-force for Jensen, to get to play Dean as a family man. He communicated in his performance that he was making peace with his new life but there remained the edges of danger that will always exist in the Supernatural universe. He could never totally relax in this new life because he knew that he needed to be vigilant in protecting his family. Once again, Dean was all about his family. Since the break with Lisa, Dean has seemed to be very detached dealing with Robo-Sam. The plots of Seasons 5 and 6 have given Ackles an opportunity to brandish his formidable acting skills, especially in situations where’s Dean’s more of the reactor or the foil for the other characters. I mean, how many times has Dean gotten his butt kicked? As usual, Jensen hit a home run week after week.

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