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TV Goodness All-Stars 2010: Matthew Fox & Terry O’Quinn, Lost 

Photo Credit: ABC

Count me in with the group of people who love, love, love Lost and feel satisfied by the finale. Part of what made “The End” for me was the showdown between Jack Shephard (played to perfection by Matthew Fox) and John Locke (the inimitable Terry O’Quinn). The battle royale that culminated during the final hours really began during Season One when Jack adopted the Man of Science stance while Locke became the Man of Faith. I don’t profess to be so well read as to understand everything about Lost but the tug of war that occurred between these two men evolved into them being the pawns of Jacob and the Man in Black. How Jack and Locke came to a sort of peace together was inspiring. Matthew Fox hit it out of the park this final season. Unfortunately, he wasn’t given the nod for an Emmy. He deserved it for his performance in the finale alone. He communicated his emotions perfectly. I totally cried my eyes out during the last scene. And even though Terry O’Quinn has been recognized with Emmy love in the past, he deserved a nomination once again this year for his portrayal of Locke and UnLocke. His facial expressions of menace when he was portraying the MIB were stunning. The duality of Jack and Locke first opposing each other and then developing common ground, to me, was the thread I followed from season to season. Fox and O’Quinn were both at the top of their game and I look forward to seeing what each of them will do in the future.

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