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TV Goodness All-Stars 2010: Danny Pudi & Donald Glover, Community 

NBC’s Community is an underrated, hilarious, silly, touching, well-acted series. It has a great cast; there’s no weak link in the bunch. The characters are strange, unique individuals but it’s when they’re together as a study group that magic happens. That probably sounds sappy, but it’s true. The show is wacky, in a good way, the writers can make comedy gold out of anything. I mean, a missing pen, really? They can and they did. The pop culture references are abundant and I love every bit of it. Community had many genius episodes in 2010 including “Contemporary American Poultry,” “Modern Warfare,” and “Basic Rocket Science.” The Christmas episode was a spectacular experience, one that turned the gang into claymation versions of themselves à la the stop-motion holiday specials we grew up with back in the day. I must admit I was a bit late to the game. I marathon’d Season One right before the second season started. But now I’m happy to be watching in real time. An aspect of this show that consistently provides much joy is my favorite TV bromance, the one between Abed and Troy, so brilliantly played by Danny Pudi and Donald Glover. Dubbing this perfect pair TV Goodness All-Stars of 2010 is a no-brainer. You can’t have one without the other.

Photo Credit: NBC

I look forward to Abed and Troy’s kickers at the end of each half-hour when they’re often just sitting on the couch rapping in Spanish or doing something that inevitably turns out be hilarious. When they’re not featured players during this last little bit, then I get disappointed. Troy and Abed have each other’s back. They can brainstorm a world filled with blanket forts and then make it happen. Troy was there for Abed in the Christmas episode, when Abed revealed that his annual tradition with his mother wasn’t going to happen because she was spending the holidays with her new family. Troy and Abed both rock the silly, over-the-top moments that make the show so great; then they turn around and provide some of the show’s most heartfelt moments too.

Pudi and Glover do all the little things extremely well and I feel fortunate to sit back and watch it all happen. I just wish more people could discover what so many of us know: that Community is a great show that is worth watching. Getting to witness the excellent adventures of Troy and Abed week after week is just one of the major reasons why I hope this Thursday night sitcom gets a third season.

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