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TV Goodness All-Star 2010: Beth Riesgraf, Leverage 

This summer, I decided to check TNT’s Leverage out despite the show starting its third season. I’m so glad I did. I quickly realized the series was fun, entertaining and the cast chemistry was electric. The guys were hot, the cases were cool and it all made me wonder why I never tuned in before this year. After all, I had been a fan of Timothy Hutton for a while. I loved his heartbreaking performance in Ordinary People, for which he won an Oscar. I adored Gina Bellman from her stint on the hilarious Brit-com Coupling. I already worshiped Christian Kane from his Angel days. And even though Aldis Hodge played a character that killed Sam Winchester on Supernatural, I loved him too. The only Leverage actor I knew nothing about was Beth Riesgraf. And now here I am, selecting her as my second TV Goodness All-Star.

Photo Credit: TNT

As the thief simply known as Parker, Riesgraf has been crazy good. Parker’s quirky and a bit damaged, yet there’s a lot about her that’s still very innocent and child-like. Her unique upbringing was tackled in a Season 3 episode that brought Richard Chamberlain to the show and the events made me want to know more about the character.

Riesgraf continues to surprise me with her acting choices. One minute Parker’s this fierce thief quickly working her way to the prize. The next minute, she’s donning a Bjork-style outfit in one of the group’s many undercover ops. In “The Ho Ho Ho Job,” I totally bought her need to have a white Christmas. Riesgraf plays Parker with style and she makes this wonderfully eccentric character believable, especially when the case puts her in wacky situation after wacky situation. She also shares a unique chemistry with each member of the cast, although I have to say, I can’t get enough of the Parker-Hardison scenes. Riesgraf and Hodge just sparkle together. Parker’s antics and weird idiosyncrasies have been a joy to discover and that’s due to great writing and Beth Riesgraf. Now all that is left is for me to pick up Seasons 1 and 2 and catch up properly.

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