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TV Goodness All-Star 2010: Anna Torv, Fringe 

Photo Credit: Andrew Macpherson/FOX
Photo Credit: Fox

I have had the pleasure of blogging this season of Fox’s Fringe, when the show took a bold, risky and creative turn by having alternating episodes in each universe (the Present and the Over There reality). In 2010, Anna Torv stood out with her nuanced performances of Olivia and Bolivia. Watching her in each role has been like watching two different people. For an actor to successfully pull off such a performance is quite stellar; it all could have gone wrong so easily. Torv was given the tough task of playing Olivia pretending to be Bolivia and vice versa and you know what? She’s nailed it. She has been amazing to watch and I look forward to seeing how this TV Goodness All-Star progresses as the season continues.

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