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TV Goodness All-Star 2010: Titus Welliver 

Photo Credit: ABC

I watch a lot of TV. There are shows I’m fanatical about and actors I all but worship. My next pick is Titus Welliver. Is there a show he hasn’t guest-starred on?

I’m sure on some level I noticed him before, but I started paying attention with Deadwood. I feel like he’s ubiquitous – on both the big and small screen – so let’s just focus on what he’s done this year.

Lost. Ah, the Man in Black. I loved every minute of seeing him on screen. His antagonistic relationship with Jacob was both confusing and mysterious. Just like the show itself.

The Closer. He took what could have been a stock character and infused some life and mystery into him.

The Good Wife. I don’t know what they’ve put in the water over at that show, but their guest stars have the goods. Glenn Childs is such a great character for both Alicia and Peter to play off of. I want to hate him but there’s something in his portrayal that just makes me want to keep watching and dig beneath the surface. When Peter’s re-election campaign really heats up, I can’t wait to see more of Glenn.

Sons of Anarchy. I’m not sure why I don’t watch this show because I love almost everything FX does. I guess I’ll just say I’m sure he’s a force to be reckoned with onscreen. Oh, and I just put the first season in my netflix queue.

I’m looking forward to seeing where Titus Welliver will pop up next. Maybe someone will smarten up and find/write him a series regular gig. The last time was Deadwood, so it had better be damn good.

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