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Moment of Goodness

TV Goodness All-Star 2010: Alex O’Loughlin, Hawaii Five-0 

Photo Credit: CBS

Alex O’Loughlin

I wrote a little bit about the “neener, neener Nina Tassler” aspect of the success of Hawaii Five-0 when the show was picked up for a full season. This item is just to give a booyah shout-out to O’Loughlin for literally waiting out his next opportunity. He didn’t run off and abandon TV and try to be Clooney. Clooney got to be Clooney because he worked in TV a damn long time, and he burned through a lot of bad TV before ER found him. I’m so proud of O’Loughlin for being game for the wait.

Yes, he did a romcom with Jennifer Lopez, but he didn’t high-tail it for a full-on film career only to slink back to TV years later. Three Rivers was a failed attempt from CBS to tap into the audience that loved and mourned Moonlight as quickly as possible, but it was too earnest and too dark, and honestly, not a good fit for the Moonlight crowd.

Hawaii Five-0, on the face of it, could have been a God-awful idea—reboot a 40-year old show with the next guy on the CBS contract roster who doesn’t have a vehicle yet—but it’s been pulled off precisely because they cast ALL the roles with familiar faces—Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are just as big of a deal to their fans as O’Loughlin is to his, and throwing Scott Caan into a role that could have been one-note and instead has been anything but, was remarkably good fortune, for all involved. It’s also a weekly showcase for Hawaii in a way that’s not been done since Magnum P.I. To O’Loughlin’s credit, he doesn’t try to own H50. He’s a guy who’s happy to have a job, a job in Hawaii, and a job where the heavy lifting isn’t all on him, while the fans get him back in a role that shares some of the same things we loved about vampire Mick. Let this one ride, Nina.

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