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TV Goodness All-Star 2010: Piper Perabo, Covert Affairs 

The last of my top five TV all-stars who gave me a happy in 2010, is Piper Perabo.

Photo Credit: USA Network

When Covert Affairs debuted this summer, it was in cookie-cutter lockstep with the USA Network family. The network’s second female-driven drama, behind In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs took off, and on the heels of its success, USA is set to launch another chick-centric dramedy, (Fairly Legal, formerly Facing Kate), this month. Covert Affairs dipped a toe into Alias territory, parking Annie Walker, a comely novice CIA agent who wears many disguises, right in the crosshairs of international intrigue, but that’s pretty much (thankfully) where most of the similarities ended. There was no alternate agency, no dead fiancé (although there was a missing boyfriend who we learned pretty quickly wasn’t missing and wasn’t just her boyfriend), but there were the hijinks of trying to be a newbie agent while having to be duplicitous with her family, and having a blind sidekick (Chris Gorham, who we made an All-Star this summer), who sees more than anyone else around him.

Perabo had never done more than one-off TV appearances before Covert Affairs, and in her first lead TV role, she vacillated seamlessly between sexy and funny and heartbreaking and deadly, sometimes in a single episode. As viewers, we had the luxury of knowing before Annie that she was being set up to fall, and fall hard, and the reward of knowing Perabo would absolutely deliver when Annie’s carefully piecemealed façade fell apart. Covert Affairs returns next summer but you can still catch episodes online.

Who were your favorites this year? Hit us in the comments!

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