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Moment of Goodness

House’s Moment of Goodness “Selfish” 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

I’ve stayed away too long. And it’s not on purpose but I guess as my favorite shows age I just don’t get as excited about them as I once did. I know some people are having a problem with Huddy this season but I’m excited they’re together. I like that in this episode they’re both acting so out of character in the office to keep things good outside of it. I like that at the end of the episode they realize they have to be themselves to make their relationship work. But that isn’t my moment of goodness. That comes for me when Hugo decides to give his sister part of his lung, cutting his already short life expectancy down even further. What an amazingly unselfish thing to do for your sibling.  When Hugo took that impossible decision out of his parents hands…I can’t even imagine being a parent and having to decide which kid lives and which one dies. I cried and not pretty, gentle tears. They were gasping sobs that I tried to hold back. This is what I like to see in the shows I love – no matter how long I’ve been watching. I want them to make me think. I want them to make me feel something. I think I’ve been taking House for granted and I’m going to stop doing that right now.

Extra Credit: Did you recognize the mom? It’s Flo from the Progressive commercials.

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