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Mid-Season Preview: Lights Out and Off the Map 

‘m very excited about quite a few of the mid-season shows. I don’t know much about them yet but the advertising has definitely been piquing my interest.

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Above is the billboard image for Lights Out and I’m already impressed. FX knows how to promote the hell out of a show (they even did a great job with the underappreciated Terriers). I tend to give everything they do a chance and I’m especially excited about this one. Premieres: Jan. 11

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Even though I’ve fallen out of like with Shonda Rhimes lately, I’m giving this a chance based on the talent alone. Maime Gummer? Um, have you seen her on The Good Wife. She’s amazing. Martin Henderson? I’ve been a fan since The Ring and I was excited to see the small screen version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which never ended up happening. Zach Gilford? You had me at Friday Night Lights. And I love this one-sheet. Why? Because Martin Henderson’s in it. Seriously. Premieres: Jan. 12

Have you seen any interesting one-sheets or noteworthy advertising for mid-season shows? If so, share and let us know what you’re most excited about.

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