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Brothers and Sisters “Cold Turkey” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

One thing really bugged me during “Cold Turkey”: the blatant use of product placement. They even mentioned it in the script. Macy’s, we get it, you’re an awesome store. (But really awful customer service, especially the flagship store in New York) Now on to our regularly scheduled blog…

Nora Walker, the mother of all mothers, canceled Christmas?  Not exactly, but that’s how the Walker kids took it.  Nora decided to go on a getaway to Santa Fe, New Mexico with her new boyfriend, Karl, for the holidays.  She got the kids together to let them know that she was not doing Christmas this year and they would have to fend for themselves.  When I say the kids, I mean Kitty, Sarah, Justin and Kevin. (Sometimes Tommy but he’s not on the show anymore) But you should know that.

Ironically, each of the characters spoke at the beginning of the show about how Nora is always a freak about Christmas and how it was annoying to them.  But as soon as Nora told them she was leaving and not having Christmas at her house, it looked like the Walker Clan had their world blown apart.  What was great about this is that the actors didn’t have to say a word and you knew exactly what they were thinking. Sarah is not in the Christmas spirit so she just says tell me what we are doing and I’ll be there. Kitty then says that she will have Christmas at her house. Then Kevin does the unthinkable and basically tells Kitty it will be boring at her house and the family should have it at Scotty and Kevin’s. Well, Kitty gets insulted and the war of the Christmas’ begins!

Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

Meanwhile, Saul ran into an old “friend,” Jonathan, played by The Thorn Birds’ Richard Chamberlain. Some of you have no idea of what I’m talking about, but trust me, in the 80s that was a great pop culture reference. As Kevin and Scotty watched on, thinking it was a good thing (Silly moment was when Jonathan left and Kevin and Scotty broke out into a chorus of Hallelujah!  So cute!), we find out later this is the man that gave Saul, HIV.  When Saul goes to see him, he asks Jonathan why he never called to tell him that he was HIV. Jonathan didn’t remember their night together because he was a major drunk back then. He feels horrible, but clearly Saul is heartbroken. This night that had meant something to him wasn’t even remembered by the other man.

As Nora and Karl are trying to enjoy their time away together, Nora is obviously still conflicted. She thinks because her kids aren’t calling her every other minute, they don’t need her. Nora kind of freaks out and Karl gives her a sedative so she can sleep. After Nora falls asleep, she has a dream in the vain of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” All of her kids are evil and Holly, her husband’s mistress, is their step-mom. She finds out that if she weren’t around they would hate her so much, that they are willing to kill her. She wakes up screaming and says she has to go back home.  You knew that was going to happen!

Oh, yeah, Justin is back this week and he goes to apologize to the nurse (still played by his new wife, Odette Yustman, in real life). I guess off screen he didn’t call her after their coffee date at the hospital. No matter, she basically invites herself to Christmas dinner. Of course at the time, Nora hadn’t told him that she wasn’t going to be there. So Justin spends the episode trying to make sure someone has Christmas so he can impress the nurse.

As Kitty and Kevin go back and forth on who is going to have the better Christmas, they realize they should just have it together at their mom’s house. And the bigger surprise is Nora comes home and they have the Christmas that they all want.

So until January 4th, when a new episode is back, have a safe and happy holiday!

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