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Hawaii Five-0 “Palekaiko (Paradise)” 

Photo Credit: CBS

The 5-0s track a honeymoon killer a la A Perfect Getaway this week; we do NOT, however, get a shirtless Timothy Olyphant alongside a shirtless Alex O’Loughlin, and somebody decided that Daniel Dae Kim was too pretty, so he had to wear a wetsuit. Boooo. We get some tangential family revelations about Mama McGarrett but no return visit from little sister, and I’ve just now realized that the Governor is AWOL…

We begin with hunters coming across a disheveled and recently drugged newlywed, Erica Harris (Peyton List, who you might recognize as Lucy Lane on Smallville) out in the middle of a wooded area. She’s lost several hours and seems to have escaped from something ghastly. Chin and McGarrett are bonding over spear fishing (gulp) before they head to work to see what’s what with their victim.They realize her husband is missing and track him back to the hotel, where he was gassed (and killed) when his new missus was kidnapped. There’s a brief lost leader that maybe the newlywed wife was up to something and Sheila Kelley does a driveby as the grieving and suspicious mother-in-law. Her detective was tailing the honeymooners and all he can report is that the new bride was genuinely bonkers about her husband and had no nefarious agenda.

While McGarrett takes bereavement detail to tell Erica her husband is dead, Chin and Kono go see Dr. Bergman, and his after-hours chatroom activities point them in the direction of a honeymoon killer hitting the Pacific Islands. They go back to the honeymoon photos that the detective took and find the same guy lurking in the background in a handful of photos, piece together who he is, and that he’s travelling the islands on a cruise ship.

McGarrett and Danny head to the ship, but the killer gets away and turns up at the hotel of his next target, another new bride. Seems he’s re-killing the fiancé who jilted him at the altar. The boys give chase and save the gal while the killer goes over the cliff voluntarily. Back at the station, Mama Harris has to mea culpa that Erica had no role in her son’s death. And Chin tells McGarrett that the police file number his dad had been investigating was related to the accident that killed his mom. McGarrett asks why an accident file would be missing, and Chin said it had been classified a homicide. Dun. Dun. DUN.

All in all a fairly straightforward outing but we got a few nice touches in the episode—McGarrett and Chin just hanging out together, and after McGarrett offers to tell Erica that her husband died, he and Danny discuss that aspect of being a cop and agree if it ever gets easier, they need to hang it up. Then they diffuse the angst by bickering about McGarrett’s touchy-feely radio selection.

And yes, even though CBS had initially threatened Hawaii-atus a couple of weeks ago, we’re getting one more new episode this year, which, while woo hoo, is going to mean a repeatastic spring because we’re at episode 12 after Monday. I’m guessing the McGarrett reveal is setting us up for the rest of the season. As far as I know, we’re only getting 22 episodes, but CBS isn’t shy about expanding that for successful shows, so maybe we’ll actually get a 24-episode freshman run.

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