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Brothers and Sisters “Get a Room” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

Better late then never I say. Sorry that this blog is late, but sometimes life gets in the way. But let me say that this episode, “Get A Room,” was one of my favorites this season. It was a classic comedy of errors. It also showed the Walkers’ raging hormones. (Even Nora, that saucy minx!) I want to point out some of the highlights instead of rehashing everything that happened.

First off, Kevin and Scotty are going to try to be foster parents. Kevin is so nervous about meeting the social worker, that he is eating everything in sight. He finds a brownie that he devours. The funny thing is that it is a pot-laced brownie that belongs to one of the employees of the restaurant. (Medical marijuana for his back….yeah right!) Kevin has only done drugs once and totally freaks out. He has to find Sarah, who was the only one to calm him down the other time he got high.

Sarah meanwhile is at the hotel Velone, where she is setting up a romantic rendezvous for her and Luc. He is off to China to paint a mural for two months, so she wants to make the most out of their time. At first it starts out well then Sarah accidentally hits Luc in the face, then spills water and breaks a glass… get the idea…

I should rewind and tell you at the beginning of the episode, Nora is recording
commercials for the radio station. Dr. Karl, (still Jack’s Dad from Lost), is sitting with her and the producer as she records. She starts disagreeing with the producer, who goes out of the room and leaves her with copy for a commercial for the Hotel Velone. “We Make the Beds, You Make the Magic.” Lame, right? But that leads to Dr. Karl and Nora making out and Sarah catching them. It’s pretty sweet. When Nora and Dr. Karl go to eat, they decide that they are going to check into the Hotel Velone (which is half-price, so why not?) and have their “first” night together.

As we all know, Kitty is going through some changes. She has started her job as a guest lecturer at a college. She is spending lots of time at a nearby coffee shop, where she meets, a young, handsome barista. Next thing you know they are making out in the storage room. This is not something conservative Kitty does. Funny thing, she ends up at the Hotel Velone in bed with the young guy. This is where we learn he’s actually a grad student at the college where Kitty teaches. In good old Kitty fashion, she freaks out. But at the end of the episode, she apologizes and makes it clear that she wants to see him again.

So everyone ends up at the Hotel Velone. Kevin and Scotty go to get Sarah to talk Kevin down. This was so funny, I almost cried. She just scared him straight! Sarah sees Dr. Karl in the lobby and thinks he is cheating on Nora. Of course, Sarah meddles and it freaks Karl out. This in turn upsets Nora and she ends up in a bathrobe in Sarah and Luc’s room.

In the end, Kevin gets sober; Kitty realizes that it is okay to date a younger man; Sarah doesn’t have to have the perfect night and/or morning with Luc; and Nora has found a little happiness. By the way, Karl and Nora end up at Nora’s home and they “hook up.” He makes her breakfast in bed. Dr. Karl can stay! I heart Brothers and Sisters.

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