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Human Target “Taking Ames” 

Photo Credit: Fox

This week the boys (and Ilsa) have to rally to get Ames’s ass out of a sling when she agrees to help her oldest friend/brother figure, Brody, pull one last con/heist. Chance and Guerrero are heading toward benefit of the doubt while Winston and Ilsa are of the “cut her loose” camp. We begin with Ames, faux very pregnant, and Brody, sweet-talking their way into a building so they can hijack some explosives. Afterward, she splits up with Brody and is followed home by a man on a motorcycle. When she unsuccessfully evades and confronts her tail, she’s startled to find it’s Chance, checking up on her.

At HQ, he and Winston call her on the carpet and she insists that was her last deal. They tell her she has to tell Ilsa, which she does, and Ilsa essentially says, do it again, and you’re out. Brody hands off the loot to his source, a nefarious looking dude, Markus, who wants to know more about Ames. He offers them another, bigger job. Cut to Ames meeting up with Brody and trying to decline when Markus arrives and throws “seven figure take” at them and she doesn’t say no. Nearby, the boys are surveilling and they recognize Markus as a genuinely Bad Guy and are disappointed that she’s in, but then Chance’s phone rings, and its Ames asking for help.

Chance slides into the job as a cleaner and is tested when he has to “kill” the guy who set up the job. He chokes him, and then when Markus’s lieutenant leaves, revives him with some exposed electrical wire. Back at HQ, Guerrero has brought the original cleaner in and Ilsa’s hilariously shrieking that she’s a member of Amnesty International and he can’t possibly be about to torture the man, who then breaks loose, and Winston and Guerrero take turns trying to subdue him but it’s Ilsa who takes him down with a metal briefcase to the noggin.

Back to the job, and Ames’ task is to strip down, oil up, and shimmy into an air duct to gain access to a diamond haul. Behind the scenes, Chance keeps eliminating other members of the team to try to get Ames and Brody out alive. But Brody hasn’t been given that tidbit of info, so he panics and takes off with what he believes to be real diamonds. They’re not. When they regroup at HQ, it’s not too long before the phone rings and Brody is being baited by Markus to get the real diamonds back. Ilsa was just about to return them, but she hedges a few hours so they can go bail him out.

The boys and Ames go to the meet at the train station, where Markus gathers the diamonds and scoots out the door, leaving Brody tied to a pressure explosive outside. Winston, Guerrero, and the original cleaner take care of him while, outside, Ames is freaking out and Chance says, no worries, he’s going to knock Brody on his ass, which he does, deftly tackling him off the explosive as it detonates. Ames is tearful, grateful, and exasperated.

As they settle in at the end, the boys are cracking a 40-year old scotch gifted from the original cleaner, who took care of Markus for them. Ames comes sheepishly in, pretty much acknowledging there’s no way she could still have a job, but she’s grateful all the same. The boys give her a drink. Ilsa comes out of her office and says Ames still works there because she’s loyal, and that supersedes all of her other generally sketchy qualities. She then demands a drink, which Chance produces, while exchanging a slightly suggestive look with her (PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE SHOW) and Guerrero bemoans that the chicks are drinking the good stuff.

Speedy, practical episode—no fuss or muss about Ames and no elaborate back story—she was a foster kid with Brody and he is still her family, so she was going to help him come hell or high water. As Brody takes his leave from her at the end, he tells her he’s happy that she’s found another family of people who care about her, despite their better judgment. The show seems to be working her in as a pain-in-the-ass kid sister. I can deal with that. I liked that the boys were sort of playing different angles about whether she was redeemable. I don’t know what’s up with the little smiles between Ilsa and Chance but I so don’t want a ‘ship anywhere near this show. The bromance is all the lovin’ we need, thanks.

Next week – Baptiste! Woooo Hoooo!

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