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Castle “Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Castle and Beckett go all Mulder and Scully on us in their latest case that takes on “otherworldly” tones; singer Lyle Lovett turns G-Man on us in a guest-star spot; and Nathan Fillion lays a Firefly reference on us. I think I loved that moment the most.

The victim-of-the-week’s body is found in a completely horrifying state; we soon find out it’s the result of exposure to a zero atmosphere environment. These are the conditions in outer space so of course Castle turns this investigation into something straight out of The X-Files. He’s the believer; Beckett’s the skeptic. He even goes so far as to whistle The X-Files theme song. I love when Castle goes over-the-top with his geeky references so I’m on board with all the “truth is out there” business that goes on in “Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind.”

Of course everything that happens – even the alleged alien abduction the victim thought she had experienced while alive – could be explained away. Ultimately, Beckett is right but isn’t it much more fun to live life thinking like Castle? I really wanted to believe.

What I didn’t get is the fact that Lance Henriksen was in the episode and we barely got to see him. He played the author of the novel, “Taken by the Fourth Kind.” I appreciate that the writer of the episode didn’t make him the bad guy; I just wish we could have seen him more. The guy was in Chris Carter’s Millennium so he has the street cred to be a larger part of the action.

It doesn’t matter that the case ultimately wasn’t otherworldly like Castle theorized, it was a lot of fun. Okay, maybe not so much fun for the victim. It all boiled down to the spy game; the victim’s life ended over top secret info being sold to the Chinese (her colleague Dr. Charles Vaughn killed her and he was the real spy). Sometimes it sucks to be an astrophysicist.

Can we talk about the Firefly moment and how great it was? Castle breaks out his best Chinese. Who knew he could speak it? That is so Firefly of him! And he even says he learned it from a TV show. I felt supremely satisfied after hearing this. This is the second Firefly moment of Monday night, you know. Summer Glau (River Tam) guest-starred on NBC’s Chuck. And we know who’s on that show, right? Yes, Jayne himself, Adam Baldwin. A Firefly reunion and big time reference; I love that this amazingly awesome TV series will never be forgotten.

On the family front it’s more Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner than X-Files as Ashley and Alexis (so cute, their names totally sound good together!) arrange for their parental units to meet. I think it’s cute that Castle gets a bit insecure about impressing Ashley’s parents, specifically his father, who’s some stuffy economics guy. He doesn’t have to worry everyone succumbs to the charms of this mystery novel writer, right? And now the camping trip is on complete with all the parents in tow. I think that will make for some awkward moments, no?

Random Thoughts

-Seriously, that dead body was gross. And to think of the way she went out; her lungs ruptured from gas expansion and the liquid in her body evaporated. Poor lady astrophysicist.

-Abundant references abound: The X-Files; Firefly; Marathon Man; Men in Black. I’m sure there were more that I didn’t catch.

-I think Castle was thisclose to getting Beckett to believe

– I love that after the “alien abduction” Castle and Beckett wake up wherever they are and ask about each other first.

– Love Esposito teasing them about their matching hickeys.

-So great how Castle refers to having over half-a-million followers on Twitter. I checked Nathan’s – he has over 600,000 followers.

-Castle calls the Chinese operative the Cigarette-Smoking Man à la X-Files. Awesome.

-What did Lyle Lovett’s Agent Westfield tell Beckett at the end of the episode? Will we ever find out?

-Loved Ryan and Esposito in this episode as well. Along with Chief, Lanie, Martha and Alexis, we’re very lucky to have a great supporting cast of characters and actors.

Favorite Lines (courtesy of episode writer Shalisha Francis)

“So all the horrible effects of outer space, without the view…”

“Like the Will Smith movie. Only I’m guessing a lot less funny.”

“I’d like my payment in small bills, please.”

“I am not asking you to dye your hair red and call me Mulder.”

“Castle, the truth, the real truth, is out there.”

“What. CIA? NSA? MIB? Ooh…shapeshifting aliens that only look human?”

“Are those hickeys?” “Yes.” “No.” “I wish.”

“Please, let’s just stick it in and get it over with.” (Followed by classic Nathan Fillion facial expression)

“We do have a box of bugs. Next best thing to a Bat Phone.”

“They probably won’t but I know about a half dozen bloggers who will; not to mention over half-a-million of my own followers on Twitter.” LOL

“Semester abroad?” “No, TV show I used to love.” (Firefly!!!!)

“Guess it means I can’t put this on Twitter.”

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