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Brothers and Sisters “The Rhapsody of the Flesh” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

Oh Brothers and Sisters, how I love thee. After a couple of weeks of not enough lightness, you dole it out in spades.  We finally receive information about Luc; he can’t stand his mother.  First, he doesn’t call her back and then mom decides to show up at Sarah’s door. Luc’s mom, played by Sonia Braga (or for you Gen-X peeps, Mrs. Westlake! If you can get that reference, you rule!), and Luc’s first exchange is fighting in French. Luc insists she stay in a hotel, so Sarah says she will drive her. But first they stop at the radio station because Sarah has a meeting. (It looks like she is buying it and will be Nora’s boss!) This is where Gabriela and Nora meet.

While Gabriela and Luc reunite, Nora tries to figure out her love life. Still smitten with Dr. Karl (aka Jack’s father….I still miss Lost!), she doesn’t know how to proceed. Well Dr. Karl asks Nora to come over to watch a Leonard Bernstein documentary with him at his house.  She accepts the invitation. When Gabriela shows up at the station, she talks to Nora about what to do about Luc. Nora insists that Gabriela stay with her and not in a hotel. (Anyone else think this was a bad idea?)  Then Gabriela sees Dr. Karl and asks who he is. Nora quickly tells her that she has a date with him that evening. So Gabriela decides to help Nora. And Nora decides to help Gabriela with Luc. Nora then decides to help her cook a dinner and invite Sarah and Luc to come over. That’s when Nora can slip out and have her “date.”

Meanwhile, over at the restaurant it seems as if Justin has turned into a slut.  Yeah, I said it! Scotty catches him with one girl, but she’s just part of the story.  Not only he is messing around with two women who work at the restaurant, (where he is also working), he has some other girls calling him (Apparently this is happening off camera). Kevin and Scotty both warn him he might want to cool it, but Justin says these girls are just flocking to him. He’s enjoying being single.

Back at Casa Nora, Gabriela is redecorating the living room into a Moroccan fantasy. But the big thing she has done is that she has intercepted a call from Dr. Karl. His TV cable is down and wants to come over to Nora’s house.  Gabriela says yes and when Nora hears this she freaks out. Not only does she have to prep this meal for Gabriela, who is not helping by the way, but has to get ready herself.  Well the good Doctor arrives early and Nora is clearly not ready for him. We all find out at that moment that Gabriela was once in some French film called “The Rhapsody of the Flesh.” (Sound familiar?) And not only is Dr. Karl a big fan of hers, but he seems smitten with Gabriela as well. Sarah shows up, without Luc, and tries to help her mom. She finds out that Nora likes the doctor. All of them are getting drunk and things seem to be crazier and crazier. Then Justin comes home and Sarah asks him to distract Gabriela. Nora and the Doctor are in the kitchen, when she tries to make a move. (I like Drunk Nora!) He flinches and she is embarrassed. A few minutes later, Sarah, Nora and Luc (who has decided to show up) catch Gabriela kissing Justin. Justin doesn’t realize that this is Luc’s mother and freaks out. He realizes he is out of control and promises everyone he’s going to calm down.

Since everyone is wasted, they spend the night. The next morning, Dr. Karl’s on Nora’s couch when she comes in with a cup of coffee. She thinks he’s asleep but he speaks up.  He thought that Nora was just interested in being friends (that is what Gabriela had sort of said in her drunken state). So when Nora tried to kiss him, he reacted that way. But he is very interested in being more than friends. Right on, Nora! Momma deserves some happiness! Luc comes over in the morning and goes into a separate room with his mother. First everyone hears them screaming at each other in French, then all of a sudden it gets quiet. Sarah takes a look and has Nora take a look. Luc and Gabriela are crying and hugging each other. As the episode ends, all of the different couples (and Justin) are watching Gabriela’s film. The very end is Dr. Karl and Nora’s first kiss. Love it! I don’t think there is a new episode next week, so we will just have to wait to see what happens.

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