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Brothers and Sisters “Resolved” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitch Haddad

By the title of this episode, “Resolved,” you know there has to be a conclusion of something.  Last time we left off, Scotty and Kevin were at least speaking.  At this point, it’s three weeks later and Kevin can’t be in the same room with his husband.  He finds out that all of the Walker family had been speaking with him, which makes him feel like they are cheating.  But the matchmaking comes from an unlikely source, their niece, Paige.  Paige decides that she needs both her Uncle Kevin and Uncle Scotty to help her prepare for a school debate.  They both agree since it is for a kid.  But while they are “helping” her they start to get snippy with each other and Paige decides to leave them.   A little while later, both men get messages from the pre-teen saying to meet at the house.  But when they get there she has conveniently disappeared.  By the end of the episode, they have worked it out and are on the road to be “resolved.” Haha.  Isn’t it just like a kid to solve an adult problem?

Justin is still trying to help Holly and David.  It seems that Justin has taken a liking to a nurse, Annie that is helping with Holly.  (This is actually his new wife in real life, so of course he’s attracted to her. Now that I think of it, he did date Emily Van Camp and now she’s not on the show.  So be careful newlyweds!) They do make a plan to have coffee. As Holly is making progress, David seems to be disinterested.  This is when Justin figures out David is high.  Justin cancels coffee with Annie, but is caught lying when he shows up at Holly and David’s house and she is there.  She keeps asking why he is so helpful and he has to admit that they are his former in-laws. She realizes that he is not ready to move on and leaves.  After Justin convinces David to go to a meeting, they come home and find out that Holly is remembering more than ever including her love for David.   She also tells Justin he needs to move on.  So he shows up at the hospital with coffee for Nurse Annie and they go on their “first date.” Is he ready for it?  We shall see.

Meanwhile Sarah and Kitty are trying to figure out their own lives.  They decide to go into business together.  But Kitty says that Nora steered her away from business years ago, because it was more Sarah’s strength.  Well Sarah thought that maybe Nora was trying to say that this was all Sarah was good at and if Kitty did it she would outshine Sarah.  Well, of course, things get out of control.  They are about to do a photo shoot with Nora for her radio show.   That day Nora meets Dr. Karl, a therapist that has his own show at the station.  He gives her some advice to let go of the “band aid” and let the kids figure things out for themselves.  Sarah and Kitty come in for the photo shoot and are screaming at each other and Nora.  Nora stops them and says that they were encouraged to be what they already were: Sarah, who was great in business, and Kitty, a person in politics.  She leaves them to work out their differences.  By the end of the episode, Sarah is going to buy a media company, which includes the radio station that Nora works at.  And Kitty is going to go into teaching.

Meanwhile, Dr. Karl West, (who if you were a Lost fan, is Jack’s father!) and Nora seem to be heading toward a romance.  You go Nora!  Just an FYI, in the previews for this episode, it seems like they were going to find something wrong with Dr. Karl West.  It was a little misleading.   Can’t wait till next time!  It looks like Luc’s mother is coming to town and she seems to be a real pistol!

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