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Deja View: The Mentalist’s Currie Graham 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/Warner Bros.

Currie Graham just made his second appearance this season on The Mentalist in the episode called, “Red Hot.” He first guest-starred in episode 3, “Redline,” as arrogant millionaire Walter Mashburn, who Jane suspected may have been the baddie. Although his character played a bit of a douchebag, he wasn’t the culprit. He seemed to revel in the attention he received from the CBI and he began a mild flirtation with Lisbon. “Red Hot” reintroduces Mashburn as being at the center of another whodunit. In fact, Mashburn requests that Jane and Lisbon be on the case. Throughout the episode, it’s clear that Currie Graham is truly enjoying playing this role.

You may remember Graham from NYPD Blue in its last season. More recently though, he has been popping up on The Closer, Lie to Me, and Castle. In those roles, unfortunately, he has played the bad guy. He has also been a regular on Desperate Housewives and on the now defunct Raising the Bar.

I enjoy anytime Currie Graham guest stars on a show. He always brings his A-game to whatever character he’s playing. What is so entertaining about his role on The Mentalist is that he just gets to have some fun and be an irreverent rather zany character. In “Red Hot,” Mashburn and Lisbon consummate their flirtation and while we know the end game is Jane and Lisbon, I’m really enjoying the bit of romance Lisbon’s currently experiencing.

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