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Moment of Goodness

Modern Family’s Moment of Goodness: Phil’s Job Goes Get the Best of Him 

Photo Credit: ABC/Michael Desmond

This week’s Modern Family isn’t what I’d consider the funniest episode I’ve ever seen, although I did laugh out loud a few times. Believe it or not, I enjoyed “Chirp” for more than just the show’s crackling jokes and one-liners. Instead of Phil being up to his usual antics, we got to see him in another light.

Claire’s ill and Phil offers to take care of her so he’s home for the entire day. He really doesn’t have anywhere to go since his potential clients keep cancelling. The real estate agent has hit a bit of a rough patch with his chosen career and he has to go through this crisis in front of his family. Like Claire says, Phil usually keeps anything negative to himself. When the cancellations are added to the annoying chirping of an out-of-control smoke detector, Phil has a minor breakdown. I’m glad Claire’s there to talk him down but I’m even happier to see that sometimes Phil’s just not the positive person he always seems to be. If it sounds like I’m taking pleasure in Phil’s pain, well, maybe I am. But only because it’s resulted in a refreshing story, one that hits home for a lot of people. And it’s nice to see the show do something different with Phil, my favorite Modern Family character. Plus, there’s plenty of Phil-Luke goodness in this episode. Ty Burrell and Nolan Gould are downright electric in their scenes and make a great father-son pair.

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