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Brothers and Sisters “An Ideal Husband” 

Photo Credit: ABC

I feel so invested in the Walker Family.  That’s why when Scotty revealed to Kevin last week that he cheated, I was not too happy.  Everyone likes to judge other people but what I like about this show is that they give both points of view of why and how the cheating happened.  

The episode starts out with Nora on her new radio show, “Call Mom” talking about how Scotty and Kevin have the ideal relationship.  But little does everyone know that’s not the case. Or is it?  The whole episode revolves around commitment, as each sibling deals with that very thing. (Well who knows what Tommy’s doing, but that’s a whole other story!)

Last week, Kitty’s hunky carpenter/fix-it guy, Jack, showed up in Los Angeles.  Now they’re in bed together and he’s telling Kitty he’s going on some interview – so he can be with her.  I don’t know about you, but I find this a little too much, too soon. She doesn’t want to be the reason he goes back to a life he hates and has escaped from.  But he says things have changed for him and this interview is with a company that is finding new opportunities, etc.  He is offered the job (in Vietnam) and wants Kitty and Evan to go with him.  After she thinks about it she decides to go, but Jack has another offer for a different job.  Obviously, Jack is a little all over the place and Kitty was going to take a leap.  But they both decide they should end their relationship;  they were each other’s transitional relationship.  That was quick, but I’m sure Kitty won’t be alone for long.

Sarah and Luc got engaged last week and now Sarah is starting to freak out.   I don’t want to spend too much time on this but they work it out and they’re the new happy couple on the show!  Yeah!  Stop freaking out Sarah.  He’s hot!

Meanwhile, back to Scotty and Kevin.  As the family finds out the truth, everyone has a different reaction.  Sal gets really mad at Scotty but realizes even though he’s still upset about what Scotty did, Scotty is still part of the Walker family.  We flashback on the actual night Scotty cheated to see what happened. It was actually the night the restaurant opened.  And as the episode goes on we find out Kevin might be a little bit at fault as well.  (This is hard for me to say since Kevin can do no wrong in my eyes!).  The other big event is a charity fundraiser the Walkers are having at the restaurant that night, which with all the drama happening, couldn’t have happened at worse time.  Justin even gets in the act as he helps with bartending.  While he’s doing his “job” he finds out one of the waiters working the party is the guy Scotty cheated with.  While this guy is at the bar, Kevin comes up and says a flirtatious hello to him not knowing this is the man that might have ruined his marriage.  Justin does damage control very quickly and tells Scotty what is happening.  The waiter comes out while they are speaking and Scotty says what had happened was wrong and he needed to leave the party right away.  When Kevin finds out accidentally (remember, he’s been drinking a lot at this point) the guy is at the party, he punches a waiter in the face.  Unfortunately, it’s not the right one.  But Justin does punch the right guy, with some satisfaction.  As Kevin and Scotty go in a separate room, we can see all the pain between them.  At the end of the episode we see the two of them speaking on the phone and it looks like the beginning of some kind of reconciliation.   If only it was that easy.

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