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Moment of Goodness

Castle’s Moment of Goodness: Beckett comforts Castle after Triple Killer Escapes 

Photo Credit: ABC

t’s no secret that I want Beckett and Castle to be together. Having said this, I’m also willing to wait for it to materialize. In the meantime, I take satisfaction in those little moments that often happen between the novelist and the detective that validates my love for this couple. It doesn’t take much. It’s usually a look, or a gesture or a scene where they banter back-and-forth. Their chemistry is effortless so they don’t need to do much for me to be happy.

“3XK” is an intense, fascinating episode with several excellent scenes featuring the cast as well as its guest stars like Oz’s Lee Tergesen. There was a particularly engrossing conversation between Castle and the guy who turned out to be the real Triple Killer. Jerry had Castle tied up (Det. Ryan was unconscious on the floor); Castle who always prides himself on being able to deconstruct someone’s psyche came up with instant analysis on the murderer’s childhood:

“You were raised by a single mother. She was blonde. Oh she was beautiful but…she never wanted you. And you were what, 12, I’m guessing? She died suddenly, let’s say, drug overdose. You go into foster care, the bad kind. You have so much hate. So much hate towards your mother for abandoning you that you kill these women to get back at her. But you leave them looking peaceful because as much as you hated your mother you loved your mother. Am I getting warm?”

What was great was that the killer gave it right back to Castle.

“You’re drawn to death. You like to be around it. Cause it thrills you. Now where does that come from? Your own suppressed impulses? How close to death do you want to get? Huh?”

I think this exchange surprised Castle and kind of threw him off his game. He knew enough to sneakily alert his mother to the danger he was in, but I feel like things became too real for him. The killer escapes and that’s something the mystery writer’s going to have to deal with. The 3XK can always come back so all of a sudden he’s this unpredictable threat to Castle, his family as well as the city of New York.

One wonderful moment is when Beckett comes crashing into the motel room. She lets a tied up Castle know she’s glad he’s okay. And even though he’s physically fine, emotionally he’s a little battered.

The Moment of Goodness actually occurs when Castle’s sitting outside by the motel pool looking all rumpled and devastated. Beckett comes over and sits by her partner. She gives him a cup of coffee, which is automatically cute and meaningful since he’s the one that always brings her coffee as if it’s his duty or something.

“Tell me something Castle, why did he let you live?” “To punish me. Make me pay for ruining his plan. Now he’s going to kill again all because I couldn’t stop him. And I feel so…”

Beckett simply puts her hand on his knee and says, “I know how you feel.” Castle counters with: “I know you do.” And then he takes her hand. And it’s sweet and sexy as the two are joined together as the episode ends. Those two are truly bonded and it’s so good to see, especially after knowing they spent the summer apart.

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