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Moment of Goodness

Deja View: Smallville’s Keri Lynn Pratt 

Keri Lynn Pratt

Although I know not everyone is a fan (I’m talking to you Billy Patterson), I find Cat Grant just the right amount of annoying. I like the new dimension she brings to the Lois/Clark relationship. Even though she was introduced in the comics as a love interest for Clark, I don’t think there’s any chance she can really come between these two – especially since they’ve said the three words and Clark has finally admitted who he is. But I do love how Lois reacts whenever Cat’s around. I really do. Love her or hate her, this girl gets around – and I mean on the small screen. She started her television career back in 2000 with an appearance on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. After that she went on to guest on ER, That 70’s Show, Boston Public, Nip/Tuck, and Joan of Arcadia. She got her first recurring role on The Help which was quickly followed by a recurring role on Jack & Bobby. She played Missy Belknap, who has an on-again-off-again type relationship with Matt Long’s Jack. When he finds out she’s pregnant he tries to step in and “do the right thing” but her minister father makes her terminate the pregnancy. She then becomes an unfortunate statistic in teen drinking and driving when she’s killed in an accident. I don’t know if you remember the show but I loved it and was so disappointed it didn’t do better. With that show I was introduced to the brilliance that is Greg Berlanti (and yes I know he was involved in Dawson’s Creek but I’d given up on it by the time he ran the show).

She had a few more one-offs on shows such as L&O: SVU, House, CSI, and Bones before she got another recurring role on Brothers & Sisters as an overeager intern to Calista Flockhart’s Kitty and Josh Hopkins’ Warren (now on Cougar Town). Next up were more guest stops on shows such as Crossing Jordan, Criminal Minds, and Life on Mars. Which brings us to Smallville. From what I can remember, she always seems to play a slightly (or more than slightly) annoying character with a heart of gold. But she’s been memorable in the shows I’ve seen her in so as far as I’m concerned she’s doing her job. I hope she sticks around for at least a while longer and keeps annoying Lois (and yes, you too). I think she adds some spice to Lois and Clark that will prevent them from becoming boring. I mean, I’m not sure that could really happen because I love those two together but this way there’s no chance of that. Who’s with me?

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