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Smallville “Isis” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

I do a lot of stand up comedy and performing and I always try to structure my routine so that my best bits are at the beginning and at the very end.  That way when people think back on it they only really remember the good stuff at the beginning and end and thus, the middle where maybe my material isn’t the strongest, doesn’t really count.  It seems Smallville was running on a similar formula this week with the episode “Isis”.  While it wasn’t as great as some of the other episodes have been as of late, it wasn’t horrific and in fact, there were some extremely bright spots in it.

The plot wasn’t all that complex.  Lois had the amulet of Isis that she apparently forgot was in her bag while she was in Egypt and the spirit of Isis possessed her hoping to bring back her dearly departed love.  Should this happen, all hell would break loose.  It was up to Clark, Oliver, and the newest member of watchtower Tess to save the day.  And in the midst of all this craziness we got…Cat Grant…because…well…I suppose out of pure contractual obligation.  She was convinced Lois was the Blur which provided “comic relief” (using that term VERY loosely) and really she just got on everyone’s nerves, my own included.

So the beginning of the episode was strong.  Erica Durance in that little Isis outfit was beyond amazing.  She rocked the hell out of that thing.  I enjoyed her toying around with how she was going to tell Clark she knew his secret and likewise I enjoyed Clark going to Oliver asking him for relationship advice.  Oliver also had a fun little story about being a little super hero diva.  It was a promising start…until Cat effin Grant showed up.  I thought we had gotten rid of her!  Now I know that the character is meant to be a little annoying, but this actress makes me want to slam my head against a wall.  For the love of God, we don’t need her character on this show!  I’ll give it till the midseason.  If she’s not gone by then, I’m writing a letter to my local congressman.

Much how Oliver’s Green Arrow speaks an octave below Oliver’s normal voice, Erica used her big girl voice for Isis which at first made me chuckle but then it won me over to the point where I really believed she was an entirely separate character.  The one thing I couldn’t help but think throughout the entire episode was how much it could have benefited if Chloe had been there.  There was a lot of funky ass backwards exposition to get out and nobody can digest and regurgitate it out better than Chloe.  I suppose Tess is the new Chloe since Clark and Oliver offered her the position after she helped them which was a nice little turn, but her reaction to it was…unsettling.

That brings me to the end of the episode where it truly shined.  As you may remember from the season premiere, Tess took one of Lex’s clones to raise as her own child.  While the psychologist warned that he could become a danger it didn’t matter to Tess as she went in to his room to read him Peter Pan as he was going to bed.  It was such an honest to God genuine moment from not only the character of Tess, but also just Cassidy Freeman as an actress that for the first time since she appeared in season 8 I actually connected to her character and gave a damn.  I like this whole Mommy Mercer storyline and I hope it evolves into a bigger story arc.

Then there was the moment we’ve all been waiting for…Clark telling Lois he’s The Blur.  It was one of those moments that you know is inevitable and you know it’s coming, you just don’t know how it will happen and how you’ll feel about how it happened.  I think they pulled it off PERFECTLY.  He took Lois down to the basement of The Daily Planet and for a moment, you almost thought he was going to back out.  He let her get as far as the elevator door and I was about to throw something at my TV, but then he just kind of came out with it.  The look on the face of Lois was worth every bad second of the episode and instantly turned it into a classic, ending it with the best, most heartfelt line I’ve ever heard on Smallville, “What took you so long?”  It was certainly worth the 10-year wait.

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