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Brothers & Sisters “Call Mom” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Nora Walker, the mother of all mothers, was asked to try out for a radio show on the episode interestingly enough titled, “Call Mom.” As all of the siblings were dealing with the different stages of each of their love lives, Nora was attempting to push through to a new chapter in her life.

Let’s start with Sarah.  Now that her hot boyfriend, Luc, is an underwear model, her insecurity starts to show its ugly head.  It’s the morning and Luc doesn’t want to have sex with her because he has gotten a spray tan.  If I were Sarah, as hot as Luc is, do you really want to get that crap on you before you start your day?  I’m just saying.  Anyway she gets some advice from her brother-in-law Scotty about what to do, while he is giving her recipes for a romantic dinner she is putting together.  While she is at home, she gets a call from Luc, but actually his phone must have dialed her by accident.  It sounds like he is flirting with some woman and she freaks out.  She then enlists Scotty to go with her and find out what is going on.   But she walks in on a business meeting and Sarah is embarrassed and goes home.  Let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone would blame Sarah for investigating this.  When Luc comes home they discuss how he has lost his way,  blah, blah, blah….But the kicker and I saw it coming, is that he pulled out an engagement ring and asks Sarah to marry him….cliff hanger for next week.

Now let’s go to Kitty.  As I stated in my last blog, I thought the Kitty story wasn’t working for me.  But it was like the writers were reading my mind.  (I love when that happens!) Because as Kitty was getting closer to Jack, the hot handyman, she freaks out and realizes she needs to be with her family.  (Hello, didn’t I say that last week?  I’m a genius sometimes!)  But after she is at Nora’s house, apparently Jack comes to show her he is there for her.  Just one question:  How did he find the house?  I guess Google, but who knows.  It kind of creeped me out a little.

Oh, Justin.  Not much to say, but he is trying to deal with his breakup with Rebecca.  The poor guy is just trying to stay busy.  He even goes up to visit Kitty in the country and interrupts her and Jack making out.  But Jack gives Justin some good advice about moving and he leaves and goes to check out his and Rebecca’s favorite date shake shop.  While there he meets a waitress that invites him to a concert.  He accepts, but I thought that was a little weird that some girl was like, let’s go out.  Stuff like that does not happen but I have to remember it’s just a TV show.

Let’s move onto my love, Kevin.  Since he and Scotty’s surrogate, miscarried and Robert died, things have been difficult.  Kevin is putting all his time into his new job, helping troubled kids and not leaving much time for him and Scotty.  Nora calls Kevin in a panic because she finds out she is trying out for the radio show with a famous personality, Doctor Alex.   As Nora is struggling on the air because the Dr. is trying to overpower the whole show, Kevin is trying to help.  He even calls in, but Dr. Alex gets involved and Kevin actually realizes he needs to concentrate on his relationship with Scotty.  At a commercial break, Kevin gives Nora the pep talk she needs.  It is the kind of speech that she usually gives to the kids when they are struggling.  That’s when Kitty calls in and pretends to be someone else.  And of course, that’s when Nora gets her mojo and shows that she can do it.  She ends up getting the job over the famous doctor and even helps the doctor with a problem she is having with her own kids.

But the shocker of the night came at the end of the show.  As Kevin comes home and apologizes to Scotty and says he is ready to try and have a kid again.  In fact he thinks they should have a foster child.  But that is when Scotty drops the bomb:  He had cheated on Kevin.  A little bit of a shock because Scotty doesn’t seem like the type to do that.  Also who could cheat on Kevin?  Wasn’t  Scotty just helping Sarah about her thinking Luc was cheating?  And that, my friends, is the second cliffhanger for the week.  Can’t wait to see what happens!

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