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The Mythology of Undercovers 

Photo credit: Trae Patton/NBC

I don’t know about you guys but I’m anxious for the mystery to kick in on NBC’s Undercovers so I’ve decided to compile what we know about the Blooms as it pertains to whatever in the world is going on with their big mythology story. It ain’t much.

  • The Blooms have been reactivated for a specific purpose. They have no idea they were un-retired for anything other than their services were needed.
  • Both Steven and Samantha quit the spy game for reasons that don’t just include the fact they wanted to live life as a normal couple. And they’ve kept their reasons a secret from each other.
  • Samantha was willing to tell Steven her real reason for leaving but his is apparently bad enough that he rather their secrets remain a secret.
  • Don’t know if this has anything to do with the big mystery but we found out in “Not Without My Daughter” that Sam and Lizzie have no idea where mom is. At the beginning of the episode Lizzie was on a super secret phone call in the closet. Could it have been their mom? And speaking of family, does Steven have one? I would love to find more about his background.
  • Samantha and Steven also won’t reveal their spy pasts to each other. Some of these key missions probably have something to do with why they exited the CIA. How can a marriage survive so many secrets?
  • Shaw knows why the Blooms were reactivated; Leo Nash knows why both Steven and Samantha left the spydom.
  • Shaw’s been speaking to some mysterious man named Kelvin about the Blooms.

Just how many people are aware of all the Bloom’s secrets? Just when are we going to get more than a hint of the big story arc involving their mysterious pasts? And more importantly (to me) how dark is it going to get? As much as I do like the slick, cool, humorous aspects of this show, things need to get more…dirty and dark and real. Right now the show’s a bit too pretty.

It’s a little upsetting that NBC managed to give full-season pickups to most of their new scripted shows except for Undercovers. Thankfully, the spy series did get an order for four more scripts so I’m hoping enough people will watch (especially in the key demos) to make the full-season order inevitable. I’m worried though. I also hope the show’s mythology will begin to unfold sooner rather than later. The action and intrigue needs a serious jolt and not just from standalone capers. Right now Undercovers is good but it’s missing a key component and that’s letting us in on the more interesting aspects of the couple’s individual pasts and shedding a light on how this is affecting their present which has resulted in them becoming spies once again.

Undercovers airs Wednesdays on NBC at 8/7C.

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