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Thoughts On Tuesday’s Dancing with the Stars Elimination 

Oh, Dancing With the Stars, I’m not happy with you.  This was TV Theme week, which was something the show had never done before.  Now I realize that people voting is part of how celeb dancers stick around and get kicked off.  But I think it was a crime against nature to eliminate Mrs. Brady after dancing to the Brady Bunch Theme.  It’s un-American people.  Florence Henderson might not be the strongest of the contestants, but she is certainly better than some people.  Yeah, I’m talking to you Bristol Palin!  Okay, so Bristol isn’t a performer (And let’s be honest, she’s not really a star either! But I digress). She did take a risk and put on a monkey suit and danced in front of millions of people.  But she’s the one that should have left the building.  The other thing that is spreading over the Internet is that the cast is jealous of Jennifer Grey.   Let’s break this rumor down: if this is true than those cast members are a bunch of babies.  Yes, Jennifer was in one of the most classic dance movies of all time. (Dirty Dancing for people that have been stuck in a cave) But she hasn’t danced since then.  First, Grey was in a horrible accident years ago that almost ended her life and career.  Second, she was supposed to be on the show a year ago and found out at her physical that she had cancer and had to have a major surgery.  Now she has screws in her neck and is dancing circles around everyone!  Yes, she is my favorite.  And, I have to say it:  No one puts Baby in a corner!

There was one very special thing that happened during Tuesday’s show that actually made me cry.  There was this mother and her five boys sitting in the audience.  They were originally from the Congo. After the father was assassinated they were able to get out and get to America.  Even when they didn’t have anything they always had dancing.  The best part was the surprise for the mom.  The boys had been rehearsing a dance number and performed it on the show with some of the female pros.  It was amazing.  And it’s nice to see good things given to good people.  As I write this last part, I’m laughing how trivial the beginning sounds.  But it’s all in good fun and escapism.

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