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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Sean Talks Family on The Event 

Photo Credit: NBC

I’ve been watching The Event sporadically but got sucked in last week when I realized the lead couple-in-peril, Sean Walker and Leila Buchanan, is played by Jason Ritter (from Joan of Arcadia) and Sarah Roemer, who starred in one of my guilty pleasures, Disturbia (it’s been on my DVR for two years. Don’t judge me). They have a very real chemistry that made me give a damn about him getting her back. The Moment of Goodness happened in last week’s episode, “A Matter of Life and Death,” during a very brief, sweet scene of a flashback Thanksgiving dinner with Leila’s family from five years earlier— mom played by Julia Campbell and dad played by Gilmore GirlsScott Patterson (in a weird six-degrees-of way, Ritter was a love interest for Patterson’s GG costar, Lauren Graham, on NBC’s Parenthood last season).

Sean’s obviously been brought home because Leila deems him very important. Dad asks about Sean’s family, each question a little more intrusive, and Sean begs off and makes excuses and then very quietly comes clean that he and his family are estranged. His mom isn’t well and his dad and he parted ways when he started college. To hear him speak about losing his family and tentatively grasping for a place in Leila’s made me nostalgic for Ritter’s dad, John, who died seven years ago (on the second anniversary of 9/11). Wherever he is, I’m sure he’s proud. The Event was given its back nine this week, so we’ll get to see the rest of Sean and Leila’s story (I hope).

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