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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Jane Contemplates the Benefits of Revenge on The Mentalist 

Photo Credit: CBS

Yet another stellar episode of The Mentalist! I have been watching the show pretty much from the beginning and have enjoyed the standalones they usually give us but this season the writers are just nailing it each week by constantly infusing the story with how Jane is dealing with Red John in his life. “Red Carpet Treatment” continues this theme and ups the ante. Jack Coleman, from Dynasty fame and now more well-known as HRG on Heroes, guest stars as Max, a husband whose wife is murdered. They initially present him as stating that he has forgiven his wife’s murderer but as the episode progresses we realize that he has been just as obsessed with seeking revenge for his wife’s murder as our Patrick Jane has been with finding Red John. The two of them are kindred spirits and unfortunately what they share is the need to avenge the death of their loved ones. In “Red Carpet Treatment,” in particular, we are able to see how much Jane would like to avenge his wife and son’s death.There are a couple of scenes between Jane and Max where they don’t share any words but they do share the knowledge of how far each would go to get revenge. The scene that stands out the most to me is the one at the end. Max talks to Jane about what it felt like for him to exact his revenge on his wife’s murderer. He replies that ultimately it felt really good to do it even if someone got there before him to do the deed. That is when they both look at each other silently while Jane seems to contemplate what that would be like for him. Max then gives the consultant a gift. Historically Jane has been anti-gun. Max says not to open it right away but when Jane’s alone, he opens the gift and yes it’s Max’s gun that he used to unload nine bullets into the dead guy’s body. It was quite powerful. Will Jane keep the gun or turn it in?

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