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Brothers and Sisters “A Righteous Kiss” 

Photo Credit: ABC

What is it about Brothers and Sisters?  Well, to me it’s the great characters, writing and how the chemistry works with the actors.  As with any great episodic, you get sucked in.  This is also a show you will laugh, cry, ponder, and etc., etc.   Part of the charm of this show is the banter between the siblings and how they give each other a hard time. The other great part is how sometimes the characters get to say something that you wish you could say in real life.    It makes it feel like a real conversation, except funnier.    If you are reading this and stay with me, you must know that my favorite is character, Kevin.  (I really like all of the characters, but let’s just say he’s my crush.) I think one of the funniest parts of tonight’s episode is when Kevin is on the phone with Kitty and he realizes that she is working with the hot carpenter.  The other funny bit is Sarah, going off on some snooty mothers because her son, Cooper, kissed a girl on stage during Romeo and Juliet.  Hello, that’s part of the play. She goes off in a way that I think most people would like to when they are dealing with judgmental parents.

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