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The Good Wife “Breaking Fast” 

Photo Credit: CBS

I think casting Alan Cumming as Eli Gold is one of the smartest things Michelle and Robert King have done with this show. Not only that, but they have yet to make a casting misstep. Although this show is very much about Alicia and the fallout from Peter’s affair and professional misconduct, it is so nice to see such a diverse and universally strong supporting cast. Ok, end of love letter.

This week we meet Alicia’s long lost brother. I say that because he seems to have abandoned his sister during Peter’s incarceration. Whatever problems Owen and Peter have, Peter can’t believe he wasn’t there for Alicia when she needed her family most. I really like the dynamic between Alicia and Owen. It’s so nice to see her relaxed and open with someone. And I can’t wait to find out more about their mother. She’s been divorced three times now and couldn’t deign to pick up the phone to tell Alicia about the last divorce. I smell drama and I like it.

The conflict between Blake and Kalinda fascinates me. I love that Alicia tells Blake to keep her out of it when he tries to draw her in. Not only that, but Kalinda escalates hostilities when she spies Blake talking to/negotiating with a prostitute and her pimp. I had a slightly hard time believing Blake didn’t see Kalinda following him (she really wasn’t being that subtle) but I love that he was out of pocket long enough for Kalinda to find the information critical to settling their Wyatt Stevens case. It’s so on between these two.

Some of the sexual tension between Will and Alicia seems to have dissipated and, quite frankly, that disappoints me. When Alicia is asked to take a step back from the case, Will volunteers to tell her (as opposed to Diane or Derrick asking him to). I’m not ready for things to be back to normal between these too. Well, I’m not sure things were normal before this but I like them being tense around each other. I like them wondering what the other is thinking. I kind of like seeing Will a little wounded that Alicia doesn’t return his feelings. I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right?

Random Questions:

Am I the only one blown away by Wendy Scott-Carr from the state’s attorney’s office? She’s amazing. I hope we see a lot more of her.


Why is Alicia so defensive when Owen asks her if she loves Peter? I think it’s a fair question. What I think is truly interesting/revealing is when Alicia says she’s going to do whatever she wants to do. Good for her. I want to see that sooner rather than later please.

Who knew Grace was so political? Have I missed the signs? Was I not paying attention? In any case, I love that she keeps speaking up during the Yom Kippur dinner.

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