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NCIS “Royals and Loyals” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS

Solid episode of NCIS this week even though Di-Nosy did make an appearance or two. That’s okay. McGee helped Ziva get the best of Tony with a high tech security alarm he rigged up on her computer to catch Tony in the act of breaking into her email. It’s funny how even knowing about the alarm doesn’t stop Di-Nosy from trying it again. What’s wrong with him? And I wonder if McGee rigged one up on his computer too.

The case was pretty interesting as a Major in England’s Royal Marines (or so we thought) was pretty much railroaded and framed for murder by a bad apple in the CIA. I liked how Malloy interacted with the team. He definitely brought out Cranky Gibbs. But of course the two came to terms so they could get the actual bad guy (or girl) by the end of the episode. Malloy charmed Ziva and he bonded with Tony over British actors named Peter (namely Sellers and Cook). The way the case wrapped up was pretty snooze-worthy however. I was kind of in the mood for some sort of chase sequence or shoot-em-up scene and what we got was some tame nabbing of the CIA agent Gibbs had been talking up all episode long. The idea of this lady agent setting up what turned out to be a Brit MI-6 agent was pretty cool however.

The show seems to be making an effort to include Jimmy Palmer more, and I am more than grateful. And even though I totally dug McGee using his computer know-how in this one, I missed him out in the field. Other than in the beginning crime scene portion, McGee was relegated to his desk and computer. There was a lot of Gibbs/Abby to entertain us and I totally loved it. The show also seems to be utilizing Pauley Perrette more this season than they did last year. Very cool.

Now I’m not as viciously anti-Tiva as some NCIS fans are; sometimes I’m all for it, other times I’m really, really not. But I did like the moment the two colleagues shared towards the end of “Royals and Loyals” where Ziva asked Tony if he got the chance to meet the guy she hit it off with in South Beach, what would he say:

“Handle with care. Contents precious.”

It was a sweet moment and I fell for it. Call me a sap, I don’t care. Although, it seemed to me that bringing up this guy once again means that there will not be any Tiva hookup any time soon. And for now, I’m happy about that. Don’t know if I’ll always feel that way (once upon a time I did want these two to be together), but for now it’s a good thing that they each have their own separate love lives.

What I didn’t like about the entire nosy email thing is the whole “you’re jealous” words being thrown out again. I still haven’t quite gotten over the whole Season 6 Michael Rivkin disaster when the Mossad liaison and her father, the director of Mossad, blamed Tony’s jealous tendencies as the reason why he killed Ziva’s boyfriend. So any time the word “jealous” enters the situation, I’m not comfortable with it.

Malloy showed up to Gibbs’ house unannounced. Ever since scenes broke out of the basement and into the rest of the special agent’s abode, everybody and their brother, has been showing up. What’s going on here? I love seeing Gibbs’ house but it’s getting to be crazy. When was the last time we saw anyone else’s place of residence? To this day we’ve never seen where Tony, Abby or Jimmy live. We haven’t seen McGee’s small apartment in several seasons; Ziva and Ducky both have been living in new places for a while and we’ve never seen those either. It’s even been a while since we have seen Vance’s home. I’m just saying as much as I enjoy scenes that occur at Gibbs’ house, I’m ready for the show to branch out a little.

And here’s another possibly unpopular opinion that I’ve possibly stated in another one of my blogs: I love Gibbs and Mark Harmon. He’s one of the biggest reasons why this show does as well as it does. And I’m also a big fan of the phoofs that begin and end each act. Can the show please spread the phoofs so they feature more than just Gibbs? The only non-Gibbs phoof that we got in “Royals and Loyals” was the one at the end that showed Tony being stupid. And it has been this way all season long. Come on, where are the phoofs of the rest of the gang?

I know I’m complaining a little bit but seriously, those are pretty minor things. I have loved all four episodes that have kicked off Season 8. Last year at this time, I could never have said the same thing. So I think the show has gotten back to what makes this show great. And I look forward to seeing what else the NCIS crew has in store for us as the season continues.

Deja View

Tracy Middendorf. She was the victim’s wife. I was very thankful that for once Tony didn’t say the wife did it but it was also strange that she was only in one scene. I remember Tracy most from when she was one of the Carrie Bradys on the daytime soap Days of our Lives. She also played Laura Kingman on the original Beverly Hills 90210. But she’s done guest spots on a million TV shows, most recently HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, CBS’ The Mentalist and CSI and Fox’s Bones.

Jamie Elman. He played one of the guys in the very beginning of the episode before the NCIS theme song kicked in. I knew I had seen him before and I thought it was from sort of Saturday morning teen show like Saved by the Bell: The New Class. I was right…sort of. He was actually in a show called Student Bodies. I think it aired on Fox but it was definitely along the vein of the TNBC shows.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS

Daniel Gillies. He played Royal Marine Major Malloy/MI-6 Agent Elston Harkin. Daniel was the other guy in a love triangle featuring Aishwarya Rai and Martin Henderson in a movie called Bride and Prejudice. In real life he’s married to She’s All That star Rachael Leigh Cook. Don’t ask me how I know that. Just know that back in 2004 I saw the Bollywood musical a million times and I own the movie too.

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