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Hawaii Five-0: “Lanakila (Victory)” 

Photo Credit: Neil Jacobs/CBS

Well this was by far the darkest of the episodes that have aired, and it was an out-of-order swap, originally scheduled to air next week. The episode follows the bloody trail of an escaped convict, Walter Dawkins, played by Balthazar Getty, as he tracks down a presumed-dead associate who took the haul from a bank job. I think the body count, by just his hand, by episode’s end, was four dead and two shot. That part of the episode was pretty by-the-numbers, but much more relentless than I expected given the lighter tone we’ve had.

The one bright spot in the prison was a cocky lifer, Skeet, played by D.L. Hughley, who plays one-on-one to ten against a basketball-illiterate McGarrett for info on Dawkins. Danny finally pulls McGarrett aside and tells him to play it like football– just get the guy off of you and then shoot, and that gets him to ten pretty quickly. Skeet tells them Dawkinswent off after seeing a game show contestant win a huge haul and Hawaiin trip, which seems to have been the impetus for the escape. It’s fairly obvious to us (especially because he’s played by Kenneth Mitchell, who did a stint on Ghost Whisperer as Melinda’s husband’s new body–that makes sense if you watched that show) that the hook is not the winner, but the winner’s boyfriend. It takes the team (who have now formally coined themselves 5-0) a little longer to put that together and by the time they catch up with the couple, the woman’s been shot and her boyfriend has been kidnapped by Dawkins.

The episode also introduces McGarrett’s sister, who I think was in the pilot and then cut (for time?). Mary Ann is played by Taryn Manning and things get off to a bad start when he goes to fetch her from the airport and she’s been detained for disabling the smoke detector in a bathroom while mid-flight. So, they fight about her missing their dad’s funeral and he sequesters her in his office with a rotation of cops and acquaintances, whom she finally outsmarts, while he goes on about his day.

The episode also incorporated Scott Caan’s torn ACL and had Danny on a cane part of the time with an ACL injury he attributed to working with McGarrett. He was in about the first half for the requisite banter with McGarrett (including a pretty funny exchange where Danny asks why he has aneurysm face and McGarrett tells him he would pay him cash to shut it). Then Danny disappears behind a desk for a while and Kelly gets to ride shotgun for a bit (yay!). Not so much for Kono (who, because I am a dumbass, had been calling Kona, like the coffee) this week except tracking VIN numbers and chasing rabbiting suspects, and we’re not even treated to her taking the guy down. I had one nerdy moment where she jumped out of the car to get her laptop from the trunk to run a VIN and she bounced it down on the trunk hard enough that I was worried about the laptop and the paint on the car.

The resolution at the end is that McGarrett kills Dawkins; the game show couple survives their ordeal, and she even forgives him for faking his ID, which leads McGarrett to suck it up about Mary Ann. They reconnect later at their dad’s grave and sit down to have a picnic and properly catch up.

I think the episode was a bit disjointed perhaps because they wrote around Caan’s injury, but they still got it done. I was glad to see Daniel Dae Kim have more to do. I loved that Kelly got a couple of Danny’s WTH moments with McGarrett–at one point Kelly asks a buddy for a helicopter and when it lands, McGarrett hops in to fly it and Kelly asks him if he knows what he’s doing. I had Magnum P.I.flashbacks during the scene as he dipped around the islands, which wasn’t a bad thing. Kelly also got his own know-it-tall moment when he knew that brook water running off of a rainforest was toxic (and McGarrett, who this week told us about nutmeg poisons and bird flight patterns and sweet-talked a surveillance specialist on a Navy destroyer into using a defense satellite to find a car, did not know).

Next week, they work Alex O’Loughlin’s beefcake factor with a love interest, who (I think) is the same woman on the destroyer McGarrett got the intel from, which makes the out-of-order thing sort of odd, unless in this episode he was supposedly calling her after their hookup?  Either way, still digging this show. Also next week–Kyle Secor, Masi Oka, and Jacqueline McKenzie. Sweet!

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