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Glee “Duets” 

Photo Credit: Fox

I’m so proud of our little Rachel. She doesn’t have much practice being selfless (although as Finn so smartly points out she’s still being kinda selfish – he’s incredibly perceptive sometimes for being so dumb), but she’s trying. She knows that if they have any chance of hanging on to Sam, they need to give him an incentive. So they decide to throw the competition. I know I’m not the only one who was laughing loudly and consistently during Rachel and Finn’s song, right? It was awesome. 

And just what is so special about Sam? With Puck out of the picture for who knows how long, they really need another guy. Kurt, seeing that he’s dyed his hair, assumes Sam is gay and starts his full court press. It was interesting seeing Finn try to dissuade Kurt from his machinations but I’m glad he finally got Kurt to realize how relentless he can be when pursuing someone. It’s a little much. And how awesome was it that Rachel turned out to be someone he could lean on? I know Kurt and Rachel usually don’t get along but it was so nice to see Rachel be there for him. And their duet was pretty amazing.

Back to Sam. He and Quinn are adorable but I was worried Quinn wouldn’t let herself feel anything for him. It’s clear she’s intrigued by him and despite what she went through last year I’m glad she’s letting herself be open to the possibilities. I’m so curious to see how Quinn and Sam will be affected by Puck’s eventual return. I don’t think he’s gonna like what’s going on.

In other couples news, Santana and Brittany have a spat which leads Brittany into the arms of Artie. Or more accurately, Artie into the arms of Brittany. I loved it when she picked him up. It was kinda hot. Not so hot? Brittany taking Artie’s V card without any concern for his feelings. But Artie didn’t have to go along with it. I can understand why he’s upset but I think she shuts Brittany down a little too quickly. I’d like Artie to give her a chance to make it up to him. And I’d love to see a little triangle between Tina, Artie, and Brittany.

Great lines:

I know. For a while I thought you were a robot.

What’s a duet? A blanket.

Why does the couples therapy have to be Asian?

I’m mad at you but you’re still hot.

Before we duet, we’re gonna do it.

My only major disappointment with last night’s show? Not hearing Brittany and Artie sing together.

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