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Moment of Goodness

Castle’s Two Moments of Goodness: Castle Comforts Mom and Challenges Daughter 

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I finally watched the last two episodes of Castle and as usual, they were solid hours of entertainment. Much is said and written about the chemistry between Castle and Beckett. The two extremely sexy investigators are meant to be together and I’m just waiting for that moment to happen. I know they have to work through some obstacles, but I really want this to develop before the end of the series preferably.

But the Castle/Beckett coupling isn’t the only relationship I worship on the show. Nope, I particularly enjoy the relationship the novelist has with his mom and daughter. It’s funny – on TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles – I love the show but one of my main complaints is that when the action is interrupted by Rizzoli’s family, it makes me want to tune out. I have exactly the opposite reaction on Castle. The show does a great job of interweaving into the action scenes featuring the novelist with his mom and/or his daughter. Those scenes are often light-hearted and warm and touching and will always be a welcome presence.

One Moment of Goodness happened in the episode that aired September 27th. In “He’s Dead, She’s Dead,” Martha comes home sporting an engagement ring. She’s gaga over the ring, but not so gaga over the guy who gave her the bling. She angsts over the fact she’s bored with the relationship and makes the decision to give the ring back. But before she does, Chet has a stroke and dies. So she’s forced to deal with the guilt over not saying yes or no right away as well as wanting to break up with her BF. Plus she has to deal with his family wanting her to say the eulogy at his funeral.

The final scene happens after Rick and Martha return home after the funeral. They just make such a cute mother and son. It turns out Castle wrote Chet’s eulogy for his mom and I’m sure she delivered it amazingly since she’s an actress. Castle assures Martha she has nothing to feel guilty about; if anything, waiting to give Chet an answer gave him one more day of hope. Martha feels awful saying she’s shallow and cowardly and not deserving of a man like Chet. Castle uses the Ouija board to help his mom get closure. Castle then tells her that Chet, wherever he is, still loves her and Martha responds:

“Richard, whatever mistakes I made in my life, I raised a good man.”

Yes, this moment almost made me tear up. I’m such a sap but I love these two. They’re possibly my favorite mother-son pair on primetime. It doesn’t hurt that both actors are gorgeous. Seriously, does Susan Sullivan even age?

While Castle’s usually the responsible adult in his relationship with his mother, it’s a bit of a different story with his daughter. He’s often the one being taken care of since Alexis is a super responsible teen. Don’t get me wrong, Richard’s also there to protect his daughter whenever she needs it and does manage to show some of his mad parenting skills, but she definitely takes care of him as much as he does her. In “Under the Gun,” Alexis wants a Vespa but her dad’s just not sure he wants to give it to her. He doesn’t want to just give her the thing. He doesn’t want her to think she can just have everything so easily because they can afford it but really the most important reason why he’s hesitant to buy her the Vespa is that he just wants her safe. It’s New York City. Anything can happen.

So in order to deter her from getting the scooter, he tells her she’s going to have to earn it herself. Of course Alexis being Alexis, she’s beyond intelligent, she decides to sell her Star Wars lightsabers saying she’s outgrown them. This saddens Castle (and me) and the Moment of Goodness comes when Alexis decides not to unload those lightsabers after all. The fun she had with him as a child playing with the lightsabers means more than any shiny old scooter. Castle tells his daughter he’s proud of her and they hug. Then he tells her although he won’t buy her a Vespa, he’ll buy himself one and she’ll be able to borrow it. Iove the way Castle works out problems in his family.

However, there may be major turbulence ahead for this father and daughter. has the story about what may cause some serious conflict for the two. Yes, as much as I love the investigations and the Castle and Beckett bantering and interactions, I pretty much adore the novelist’s home life too. Nathan Fillion’s a special kind of actor who shares chemistry with almost everyone he acts opposite. Fillion and Sullivan along with Molly C. Quinn (Alexis) really help make Castle an entertaining option Monday nights at 10/9C on ABC.

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