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Moment of Goodness

Better With You’s Moments of Goodness: Wrestling and Christmas Cards 

Photo Credit: ABC

I’m really enjoying this show. I like that these three couples are in such different places of their lives together. And I fully support Maddie and Ben’s non-marital commitment. It is a valid choice.

What is it about guys and firehouses? They get all cute and crazy. The biggest laugh-out-loud moment in “Better with Firehouse” is far and away the entire wrestling scene. When the guys can’t decide who will get to live in the firehouse Ben suggests they wrestle for it. Casey doesn’t want to hug-fight but Ben is offended and drops to all fours. When he looks over his shoulder at Casey, it’s beyond hilarious. I mean, I laughed. A lot. Just watching Casey and Ben be goofballs in the firehouse was fun too.

The dreaded Christmas card. My family was never into taking photos for our Christmas cards so I don’t know the horror of having to pose for an atrocious photo. In “Better With Ben,” my favorite moment is when Joel finally accepts Ben as a member of the family. Just because he hasn’t impregnated or married Maddie doesn’t mean he’s not family. Ben really should get credit for helping Joel through the death of Michael “Billie Jean” Jackson. And I’m with Ben on that whole Christmas nest thing. What the heck is that?

Bonus: Vicky mocks a Christmas card with a dog dressed up as Santa. Of course it’s the card Ben’s family sent.

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