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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Catching Up on Bones 

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I’m trying to catch up on the considerable amount (85 hours. How did that happen? Some of it might be leftovers from summer…) of television on my DVR. In an effort to make sure to hit some of the highlights, I’ve chosen two moments of goodness from the last two episodes of Bones.

The Couple in the Cave

Clark (returned to DC from Chicago, where he was passed over for a promotion) breaks down and becomes unprofessional in the lab. Now, he had just complained to Dr. Saroyan about her promise to try to keep things professional so it makes his outburst that much funnier. He, as you may remember, gets very uncomfortable that people are so involved in each other’s personal lives. But it’s the last straw when Angela makes a comment about Booth and Bones. She says they were a couple, Bones and Booth just didn’t have sex. At that point Clark wonders – aloud and with colorful language – why Booth and Bones never got it on. Yes, I had to TIVO back and watch it again.

The Maggots in the Meathead

I refuse to watch MTV’s Jersey Shore but I love that Bones is so fascinated by what she calls The Guido Tribe. It’s also funny that to her, reality television means the program is a documentary. It was very hard to pick just one moment as the episode is filled with some great laugh-out-loud moments so I’m going to be sappy and pick the scene between Bones and Hannah. When Brennan tells Hannah to be sure about moving in with Booth (he’ll give himself to her completely), I had to take a moment. Like the vast majority of people who watch the show I can’t wait for Bones and Booth to be together. But Bones missed out on her chance – for now – so I’m happy Booth is with someone who loves him as much as he loves her.

Bonus: Ok, I had to pick one funny moment from the episode too. When Bones throws the crab to intimidate Pepe. Hilarious.

Bonus Bonus: 4Q

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