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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: The Good Wife’s Will and Alicia at a Court Martial 

Photo Credit: CBS

Their dynamic continues to fascinate me. Alicia feels that there is still something between them – even though Will is giving her almost no reason to hope – and she can’t let it go. I’m sure Will is regretting telling Alicia he loves her (well, her cell phone) since she never reciprocated. They are probably pushed closer together in this case than any they’ve worked on together before because they’re both so out of their element. The rules of a Court Martial are very different then the rules they’re used to. And when Will gets himself thrown in the brig, Alicia makes the comment about visiting another man in jail. That’s some nice symmetry. I like where their sexual tension is going. I hope it keeps percolating.

One other element I wanted to comment on is the wonderful storytelling of Michelle and Robert King. I love that they have the confidence (and skill) to introduce subplots that may take a while to pay off. I’m talking about the Grace and Zach storylines but those aren’t the only ones. I can’t wait to see how those secrets either divide further or unite the Florricks.

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