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Moment of Goodness

Glee’s Moment of Goodness: Kurt’s “You had me at Church” Hat 

Photo Credit: Fox

There were a lot of great moments in tonight’s episode and I will admit to crying at least four separate times. I’m not ashamed. And if anyone ever thought Chris Colfer’s Emmy nomination was a fluke (not me) I think he just proved again tonight why he deserved it (yeah, haters!). I’ve always loved the relationship between Kurt and his father and tonight it gets even more complex and interesting. All relationships have their ups and downs and it’s been refreshing to see a rough patch – a rough patch where Kurt has to step up. I know Kurt has it hard in a lot of ways – he’s gay, he’s in glee, he’s a stylish dresser with very few fashion options in that town. But he’s also a loving son who brushed his dad off and now feels incredibly guilty about it. He’s learned an important lesson and I’m glad we could learn it with him. Whether or not you have faith, have lost faith, or can’t decide on your faith, it’s nice to see a Glee episode like this. I do have to admit I never thought we’d get an examination of faith and religion quite like this on this show but I’m so glad we did.

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