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Fringe “The Box” 

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/FOX

Let me start off by saying I am so happy that Fringe is back and it has hit the ground running. They’re not wasting anytime with moving the story forward. The producers/writers are challenging the way we look at the present universe as well as “over there.” We’ve also gained a little more information about the dreaded endgame Bolivia and Newton have planned. Through Peter they plan on causing the real world to destroy itself. That way “over there” doesn’t have to invade and cause an all-out war. Pretty insidious if you ask me.


John Noble hasn’t received enough Primetime Emmy love for his continued stellar performances. In “The Box,” we pick up with Walter’s new food obsession: making chocolate milk. As usual, he’s wonderfully wacky and alternately a mad scientist genius.

  • The scenes between Walter and Astrid in this episode were touching. His trust in her has grown. When Walter showed up on her doorstep to tell her that he is the sole shareholder of Massive Dynamic, I saw that as an acknowledgment that he trusts her implicitly.
  • Walter attempted to talk with Peter about why he really brought Peter from the other side. It was sad Peter wasn’t ready to hear why Walter did what he did.


Peter’s determined to find out the meaning of the drawing of the doomsday device that also features him at the center. He’s so intrigued by the mystery of this device that he may unwittingly cause the destruction of the present universe, which is Bolivia’s ultimate plan. It doesn’t help that by the end of the episode, Peter has gotten his hands on the box. This music box is an integral aspect of the design of the doomsday device. Peter better watch what he’s doing.

  • Peter turns to Bolivia to talk about his true feelings about what Walter did. He places the full blame for what is happening to the alternate universe on Walter’s shoulders and that is why he can’t yet forgive him. Bolivia looked rather pleased with what Peter was expressing.
  • That was a great scene when Peter commented on Bolivia saying she liked a song and he had never heard her say anything before about music. I was so hoping he would start to get clued in that this was not his Olivia.


Great touches in the episode as we learned more of the differences between Bolivia and Olivia. Bolivia’s definitely a take charge kind of gal. She lets Newton know in no uncertain terms that he is to follow her orders. She has a harder edge to her than Olivia but she also has a larger capacity for connection and relationship.

  • Anna Torv continues to bring such a nuanced performance of both of these characters. I am so impressed with how she is playing Bolivia being Olivia.
  • I was really intrigued by the scene where Bolivia was studying Olivia’s life and her mannerisms. She was trying to melt into her life but she has acknowledged she doesn’t have Olivia’s photographic memory. She’s definitely cold-blooded. When she killed that poor deaf guy who had the box, it really showed how different Bolivia was. She didn’t have a problem taking him out.
  • Bolivia typed: “Peter is actively engaged. Now time to work on Walter.” “Over There” is hoping to sew the seeds of destruction of the present universe by its own hand. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

Random Thoughts

  • What?!? They don’t have Bono or U2 in the alternate universe? Newton says that it’s the only music in our universe he likes. Very interesting. I wonder what circumstances prevented that from happening?
  • The mystery-of-the-week: Wow, Bolivia and Newton essentially sent these guys to get the box knowing they would most probably open it thus setting off the ultrasonic audio that would kill them. Very cold blooded. It was a pretty standard mystery though with no bells and whistles. I almost like that because my enjoyment comes from the mythology that continues from episode to episode.

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