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Hellcats “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother” 

Photo Credit: The CW

Good episode. My favorite part had to be the Dan and Savannah portion of the program. I’m digging every time Savannah’s family is part of the action because it gives her more depth. With the way she constantly acts so perky and optimistic, sometimes it seems like there’s not much to her. So add her strict, conservative mom and sister to the mix and you really understand how strong Savannah is for breaking away from her family to follow her dreams and to make her own way in the world. Her mom has barely said anything to her for a year! I really did have high hopes the mother would come around but it didn’t happen. And her sister is just way too bratty (read: bitchy) for words. There are signs of hope with her dad; Savannah definitely seems like a daddy’s girl. Now he just needs to stand up to his witchy wife.

The dinner to introduce Dan to her family was a bit awkward but bonus points to the townie for being on his best behavior; too bad he had lost points earlier in the episode when he told Savannah he just wanted a casual relationship. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long for him to correct that notion. I liked how he left his date to rush to Savannah’s side. The two are now going to be in an exclusive relationship. It’s a bit fast for this to happen but it makes sense considering Savannah’s beliefs. Let’s see how Dan’s going to take to this brave new world he’s set for himself.

I’ve said before my least favorite part of Hellcats is when the mother’s involved. But I’m glad she made manager and her open mic night was a success. And more importantly I’m ecstatic Marti admitted to herself (and her mom) that she likes to help her out. I have to dole out some kudos to Aly Michalka for showing off her vocal talents. I liked her rendition of Sting’s Brand New Day. The girl has skills.

I am pleasantly surprised Lewis came clean with Marti regarding his feelings for that master manipulator, Alice. He didn’t just string Marti along; he decided he rather figure out his feelings for Alice once and for all. Lewis is a good guy.

As for Alice, she isn’t beyond taking short cuts to get her spot back; she won’t let Lewis go without a fight even though I don’t think she really wants him; and she isn’t beyond using whoever she can to further her agenda. Right now Alice is completely one-dimensional. I wonder if we’ll ever see some substance from her.

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