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Dear Show: A Letter to the Producers of the CW’s Nikita 

Photo Credit: The CW

Dear Show:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for casting Russell Wong in this week’s episode of Nikita called “Rough Trade.” At first I didn’t recognize him as Nikita’s first “kill.” But once I did I was beyond happy. It got even better once it was revealed that his character never died and he was the big bad of the episode. Russell’s played villains before in the The Joy Luck Club as well as Romeo Must Die. Even though that movie starred Jet Li and Aaliyah, the two most exciting performances belonged to Russell and Isaiah Washington. I remember thinking after I saw that movie that I wanted to see much more of those two actors. I got my chance with Isaiah on Grey’s Anatomy (although we know what happened there); I’m still hoping another TV show will snap Russell up. He can play good guys too. He did play one on the Vanishing Son TV movies and series.

His Nikita episode was a good one. Through flashbacks, it gave viewers a chance to learn more about the woman who broke away from The Division. And it gave us the chance to learn more about Alex who was dealing with demons from her tragically awful childhood. And the chemistry between Nikita and Michael keeps getting better and better. So I love that Russell Wong was also part of the action. More, please. I really hope he finds his way onto a successful (existing or new) TV series.

Thanks! And I look forward to the next episode, “The Guardian.”

Tina Charles

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